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The word “friends” or the term “friendship” is used very loosely by most people but it is anything but a simple word or term. It is something that has deep meaning and diverse implications beyond the understanding of most people. In many cases, the right understanding of the word starts with an assessment of whether you really have friends. By friends, we mean those who will be close to you and loyal to you and support you no matter what.

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A friend is one who likes for who you are and does not have an objection to anything you do or have. He or she accepts you in spite of what are generally regarded as you flaws. It does not matter what age or gender or of what origin you are, a friend is someone we all need in our life. However, how do we determine who is a true friend?

When you look at different friendships that people have with each other, you will realize that the relationship they have is different. Having said that, you have to realize that no matter how diverse friendship is for each person, there are some common factors that define a good friendship.

When it comes to friendships, there are at least two people involved and these people feel good being with each other. The bonds of friendship go deep and this is definitely beyond being just acquaintances. When it comes to friendship, this could be a bond that could form between people and animals too. Friends can be of either gender but it is different from a friendly relationship, which could also involve an element of sexuality in some cases. You can be sexually and intimately involved with someone while being involved at a friendly and close level with someone else.

Friendship and different personalities: The thing is each friendship is different either due to the equation that the person shares with the other person, or due to the difference in personality or due to both factors. The fact is, your personality is a social identity that you have and this is formed by many factors. When it comes to friendships, personalities do matter at some level or the other.

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Ways in which personalities are classified: There are some different personality measuring tools that try to measure personalities though most of them fall short of being able to do this to the fullest extent like OCEAN.

Insight is another tool to diagnose personalities: This is a paid and very advanced psychological tool that helps in analyzing personalities. It is often used to analyze the personalities of employees by companies across the world. There is an online personality test that takes an hour to one and a half hour to undertake. However, the test results would take as many as 7 days to give out results. This tool gives results with accuracy that can leave people stunned. The result is that people are sorted on the basis of a color system that represents your characteristics. This test offers results in ten pages that tells you what type of personality you have, who you would be comfortable with and what qualities will affect your life.

What is the link between genetics, nationality and friendship?

In general, people are more comfortable with people of their own type in looks and personality even genetics in many cases. But this is not due to any prejudice but due to the fact that we have more in common with people who belong to the same place or looks. However, today due to the whole world becoming a global village there is more and more interaction and thereby friendship from a diverse background. Plus, people have started looking beyond these factors when it comes to relationships and friendships.

Then what is friendship is all about: Is it true that we make friends only on the basis of these factors? Is it really possible to pinpoint the thing that makes you want to be friends with someone? Is it possible to define that one single thing that makes you friends with anyone? May be not, all that matters when it comes to friendship, what matters is your rapport with each other, how loyal you are to each other and how true you are to the friendship.

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Actually, when you learn why it is so important that you be comfortable with what or who you are so that you can be comfortable with others too. The thing is friendships can be based on mutual need or trust and respect. It is a matter of balance in giving and receiving but you need to keep an eye out for friends who use you. The thing is friends also have their own personalities that make them one of a kind. It is only when the differences do not matter, that a friendship is successful. The thing is, friendships just happen, you do not have to go looking for them.

You need to be comfortable with a friend in their good times and even their criticisms. Sometimes in friendship, one of you may have to tell the other about the shortcomings of each other. As long as it is done in a good spirit and applies to you, it is healthy to take it in your stride and work on it to become a better person.

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