Having A Sense Of Humor Can Be Your Biggest Asset

Laughter, mirth, fun, humor – these are all terms that naturally bring a sense of happiness and positivity along with them. And that is how it should be as having the ability to laugh and see the humorous side of things can be a big asset in life. Why do you think that is?

Laughing Friends

Well there are many reasons why having a sense of humor can be your biggest asset. We give you some examples and reasons for this and as you read, we are sure that you will agree with us on many of the points if not all of them:

The lighter side of things: Just imagine this; you are in the middle of a heated argument either with family members or with a group of friends. And suddenly someone says something funny and soon everyone is chuckling about things. As the laughter and fun spreads, people start seeing the lighter side of things and soon the atmosphere that was created by the disagreement dissipates and soon people are enjoying the joke. We are not saying that just by cracking a joke that everyone enjoys, the whole matter gets solved but it is just that people get a chance to postpone their anger.

And once anger is postponed, the sense of bitterness and the feeling of resentment tends to get diluted. The one caution that you have to remember while using humor to dissipate the situation is that the joke that is said needs to be in the fun sense and not a mean one that pokes fun at anyone. It is one way to simplify your life and that too in such a simple way.

The ability to make things fun: We want you to think back and reflect on a situation or occasion that was a lot of fun for you. Once you get to think about this, you will realize that the food that you during this occasion did play a role. Then the ambience of the place also no doubt had a role to play in the enjoyment of the occasion and so did things like the music among other things. However, the one thing that will stand out in your mind is the fun you had. Then when you put your mind to it, you will realize that the fun factor came from the people and the laughter that you shared with them. Now you can see where we are going with this – it is indeed laughter to the rescue, once again.


Attracting others to you: We are sure there are many reasons that people get attracted to each other and there are many articles about this.  However, we are not talking about physical attraction here but about the ability to attract people to you and having friends. In this line of thought, you will realize that having a sense of humor and having the ability to see and show people the lighter side of things, can be a big asset to people. Even in the professional sense, you will find that using humor smartly will ensure that people find it easier to interact with you and communicate with you.

A sense of humor is a great asset and it comes in handy in dissipating many situations. However, like with anything that is positive and useful, there is another side to it. One needs to ensure that while having a sense of humor and making things lighter does not lead to hurt feelings for anyone. The thing is many people use humor as a way of making taunts or of making digs at some people while making all others laugh.

This may be fun for the rest of the people apart from the person on whom you are poking fun at but these hurt feelings and taunts that you have used, as a means of humor is likely to come back at you. That is why; here are some guidelines that you should follow while indulging in a sense of humor:

Keep it clean so that all can enjoy it without any uncomfortable feelings: When you are in mixed company or in an official situation, it is better to keep your jokes clean. This means that you refrain from making jokes that are off color or to do with race or with color or caste.

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Do not make hurtful jokes making someone the butt of your jokes: Sometimes we make fun of a person for the way they look or the way they behave and this can be very amusing for all. In fact, even the person who is the butt of the joke will even join you in laughing at the jokes but there could be some underlying hurt there and this could boomerang on you at some other point of time.

Try and keep the sense of fun going with lighter moments: Some people start off with a sense of humor and then take it to a level where it disintegrates into pathos and self-pity. You will need to restrain from doing this and keep the fun going.

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