Signs To Find If He Is Interested In You? Here Are 9 Signs To Look Out For!

It happens that we are sometimes interested in a guy but we are not just sure that he is interested too. This article will take you through some of the signs that you have to look for that will indicate that he may be interested in you. Sometimes even guys are a bit lacking in confidence and the self-assurance to come out and ask you. In some cases, the guy may be hesitating because he thinks you are not interested.

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Look Out For These Signs And You Will Definitely Get An Idea About What He Thinks Of You:

You find him looking at you often: This may have happened to you; you just look up to look at this guy and you catch him looking at you and when you look back at him, he will simply look away. Or he may simply stare and then smile at you. This could be an indication that he is interested in you and is looking for an opportunity to come up and talk to you. It could be that he may not know impactful sentences that will change your entire life, to impress you.

He makes an effort to talk to you: If a guy finds opportunities to come up and talk to you then it could be a sign that he likes you and would like to know you better before asking you out. In case, the guy in question has started talking to you out of the blue, then it is a strong indication of interest. However, you have to remember that some guys are generally very sociable and he could be one of them, so you may have to look for other signs like the next one given here.

He tends to show off when he is near you: A guy who is interested in you will make it a point to show off in front of you in a bid to impress you. He may let slip about the things he does well or the wonderful vehicle he owns among other things. Guys believe that they need to let a lady know how good or great he is so that she will be flattered by his interest and return it.

He likes teasing you: A guy who is interested in you may give you ridiculous nicknames, tease you, make you the butt of his jokes and not miss any opportunity to touch you in small ways. This is a very guy thing to do and show their interest in an indirect way. One of the ways he will show his interest is by being reluctant about doing things that you ask him to do and asking you to persuade him. All this teasing and posturing is just a way of making you notice him though many guys do not know when to stop and take it too far.

He does spend a lot of time with you: If you find a guy who makes all sorts of excuses to spend time with you. In some cases, the guy in question may take it too far by following you around all the time. In some cases, the guy will even take up activities that he generally would not do just because you like doing them. In some cases, he may even ditch his friends to spend time with you and take the teasing be will be taking due to this. This surely is a sign that he is interested in you if he is so ready to be teased by his friends.

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He gets presents for you for no reason at all: Since guys are pretty logical they will show their interest in a girl by going out of  their way to buy small gifts for no apparent reason at all. This a good sign of the commitment they feel for you and also the depth of their feelings for you. He will also compliment you on the way you look.

He will try and get your phone number: One of the ways that a guy will express interest in the girl he likes is by asking for your number. This way he will have a way of being able to be in touch with you anytime he feels like it. It could be also a way of finding the courage to ask you out.

He notices small things about you: A guy who is interested in you will make it a point to notice and remember the tiniest detail about you. Which in itself is very flattering and complimentary and is a sure indication of his interest in you.

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He gets jealous about other guys: A guy loves to hang out with a girl he is interested in but will be jealous of other guys hanging out with you. Sometimes it is easy to go overboard and lose the guy’s interest by flirting with others so do watch out for this.

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