10 Popular female Celebrities having Tattoo

The female celebrities are getting tattooed more than ever before. The tattoo trends had made everyone crazy and people and running behind the tattoo artists to get themselves a tattoo. The celebrities had also contributed much to make people go crazy about the tattoos. Whenever people see something new on their favorite celebrity body, they want the exact tattoo to be engraved on their body. So, if you are one looking for the females with tattoo then here is the list of popular female celebrities having tattoo designed on their body.

Popular female Celebrities having Tattoo1.1

Popular female Celebrities having Tattoo

Angelina Jolie

She has 20+ tattoos covering her body. Some of these tattoos are visible to people while the others are only visible to her close ones.

Popular female Celebrities having Tattoo1

  • Angelina’s tattoos generally consist of words, terms, and phrases
  • The dialects range from Buddhist incarnation, Arabic words, and even Latin phrases
  • Her tattoos are really beautiful
  • The tiger tattoo at her back is the best of all visible in public
  • Her natural beauty with the beauty of tattoos make her look more gorgeous
  • She is one of the top ranked Hollywood celebrities with most tattoos

Kat Von D

She is a 31 year old tattoo artist as well as model and a TV presenter. She showcases the tattoo art from her head to her toe. Most of the parts of her body are engraved with the tattoos. She is expert at tattoo designing and tattoo selection as per the body type.

Popular female Celebrities having Tattoo2

  • Portrait of her father and image of a heart is engraved on palm of her hand
  • She even had image of Jesse James engraved on her body, which was removed after their break up
  • She is also a Guinness World record holder of delivering maximum number of tattoos within time period of 24 hours

Katy Perry

She is one of the most recognized celebrities of Hollywood and also a great singer. She displays a great image in front of her millions of fans throughout the world.

Popular female Celebrities having Tattoo3

  • She has different tattoos on her arms, wrist and on ankle
  • She is lover of Indian culture as one of her tattoo is written in Sanskrit language
  • These tattoos make her looks more amazing and sizzling

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is often in headlines because of many bad reasons, but she surely has a great sex appeal and gives a good styles statement.

Popular female Celebrities having Tattoo4

  • She has dragon tattoo under her arm
  • She even has a ‘la belle vista’ tattoo design on her back
  • She looks awesome with her tattoos

Alyssa Milano

She is the Hollywood actress, who is 40 years old and is well known for her role a ‘Phoebe Halliwell’ in TV series ‘Charmed’. She supports the religious tattoos on her body.

Popular female Celebrities having Tattoo5

  • She has a flower tattoo on her right shoulder blade
  • The Buddhist tattoo of ‘HUM’ is seen on her neck
  • She has an overall of 7 tattoos on her body

Megan Fox

This 26 year old Hollywood actress is the beauty idol of many women around the world. She has got perfect body and glossy lips. She has different variety of tattoos on her body.

Popular female Celebrities having Tattoo6

  • She mostly has tattoos reading words, phrases and pictures that have some or other meaning to her
  • The star tattoos are also present on her body
  • Men will be fascinated with her beauty and tattoo designs

Jessica Marie Alba

The collection of tattoos of this 26 year old Hollywood celeb had grown popular among her fans throughout the worlds.

Popular female Celebrities having Tattoo7

  • She has a tattoo of ladybug on her neck along with a flower
  • She has a tattoo of small bow on her lower back
  • She even has tattoos on her wrist and other parts of the body

Nicole Richie

This actress is really adventurous while choosing the tattoos for herself.

Popular female Celebrities having Tattoo8

  • She has a total of 9 tattoos engraved on her body
  • She has tattoo of ballerina slippers on her ankle, rosary on her shoulder blade
  • She had a name ‘Richie’ with a ribbon at rear end of her neck
  • She had ‘Virgin’ word written on her wrist, tiara tattoo on her hip, and spray of dots on her fingers

Britney Spears

She is a controversial singer and is 31 year old. She has different tattoos on her body.

Popular female Celebrities having Tattoo9

  • She has tattoos on her back, feet, neck, and other body parts
  • She has a butterfly tattoo on front part of her neck
  • She even has some Latin letters tattooed on her neck

Christina Ricci

Popular female Celebrities having Tattoo10

She has a good collection of tattoos on her body from her ankle to her shoulders. She has a total of 8 tattoos on her body.

  • She has a small tattoo on her belly button
  • She has tattooed a blue sparrow on her right breast

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