Learn Why It Is So Important That You Be Comfortable With What Or Who You Are

When it comes to life, we tend to make things complicated not only in terms of materialistic things but also in terms of who we spend our time with. While this is not wrong in itself, taking it to extremes can  make things complicated and unhappy all around.  People spend their lives in search of the elusive and seemingly perfect partner who will make them happy. People also spend a lot of time on acquiring things and possessions that will make them happy  and then wonder why they are not perfectly happy.

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Having a perfect body is supposed to make you happy. Having good features is supposed to make you ecstatic as will having great skin and perfect hair. For happiness, it is also important to have a youthful look, a closet full of designer clothes, possess the best in shoes, jewelry, makeup and other things. Add to this the perfect car and home, you are good to go. If you have a handsome, loving, caring, affectionate, ambitious, wealthy and intelligent partner who is madly in love with you, then you can really have the perfect life. While this may seem like an extreme definition of the things we need to be happy, we imagine this is what most people think is the definition of happiness.

The standards we have set here and the things we have mentioned here are quite idealistic, but there are some who have had all the things mentioned above. Does that mean that people who are blessed in such a way have a perfectly happy life? Surprisingly, this may not be the case at all. Then what is the key to being happy?

What we are about to say may seem idealistic but definitely more realistic than the ideal situation described above. Actually, the key to being happy is being completely comfortable with what or who you are. There are many ways to simplify your life in 30 days, but being comfortable with what or who you are is the key to all that.

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Here Are Some Reasons Why It Is So Important That You Be Comfortable With What Or Who You Are:

You are your most steady and constant companion: While people come and go in life either through chance or choice, one of the people who will always remain with you is you. While this may sound odd, people who are comfortable with themselves are the people who are the happiest. The key to your happiness is learning to enjoy the company of yourself, be comfortable with your silences and your moods. It is only when you depend on others for your happiness, to provide you companionship and sympathy that things start to go wrong.

What we do not mean here is that you need to be a loner or keep away from other people but that you need not fear being alone. In fact, you will find that those people who like their own company and enjoy their own silences are the very kind of people that others are attracted to and are much sought out when you are looking for companionship. You will find that the more into your own company the more friends you will find yourself getting though this may seem counter-intuitive.

You are the perfect version of who you are meant to be: Another important key to being happy is that of looking at yourself in the realistic sense and assessing yourself and then accept that you are a perfect version of what you can be. What we do not mean by this is that you should be narcissistic but that you should learn to accept what you look like and the way you are as it is. Once you do this, you will find that you exude positive confidence and once again, this can be a very attractive quality. So much so that you will find more people seeking you out when you are this way than when you are on a constant drive to improve yourself.

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Start with small steps and soon you will be there: What we have described above is simple but not easy to do. Many people may think that what we are talking about here is too idealistic and can make a person lose out on their ambitions and become complacent. However, when you read through the article carefully, then you will realize that we are talking about is not about losing your aspirations but about becoming more confident about yourself. Once you are able to do this, you will find that working on improving things becomes much easier and in fact, it is a natural progression.

Just remember that you are your best friend and it is important that you like and enjoy spending time with your best friend – you!

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