Is She Interested in Me Or Does She Not Even Like Me? Find Your Answers

Guys may have it easy in many aspects of life, but the one thing that continues to stump them is when they have to find out if a girl likes them or not. They are always looking for clues in the hints that girl drops or for any sign at all of interest. This leads them to analyze each communication from the girl to death and makes them glue their eyes to everything that a girl does in the hope that they get a clue about what she feels for them.

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Here Is Some Relief For You Poor Guys; Read What Is Given Below And You Will Get Some Idea Of The Signs To Look For To Know That She Is Interested:

Sneaking a peek, smiling and looking pleased when she sees you:  If a girl is interested, she will not miss an opportunity to peek at you. However, she does not want to be caught and this means she will look away when you look back. This is an indication of some interest on her part. What is more, if she seems really enthusiastic when she sees you and rushes over to greet you, this is another indication of interest on her part.

She likes talking to you and listens intensely when you speak: If a girl is interested in you, the chances are that she will hang on to every word you utter and even try to keep the conversation going. She will want to know all about your personal life and even about your thought processes. In case the girl in question is of a reticent nature, you will see that she flushes when she sees you.

She starts dressing well and makes herself attractive: It is normal for girls who are interested in someone to be more careful with their looks. In case a girl you know is starting to get interested in you, then the chances of her taking special care with her dress, hair and makeup is more. She will even draw your attention to this by fiddling with her dress or her hair or playing with her jewelry.

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She will touch and tease you: If a girl does not miss any opportunity to suddenly start touching you even in the most playful of manners, then this can be taken as a sign of interest. She will try to engage you in some playful banter and keep talking and touching you lightly while she does this. This may be her own way of getting your attention.

She spends more time with you than with her friends: If you find that the girl keeps bumping into you “accidentally” and keep finding opportunities to spend time with you even if it means lesser time with her friends then this could be a sign of interest. The very fact that she is willing to be away from her friends, who until now have been really important just to be with you could mean that she is interested in you.

She takes your side in an argument: Normally when a girl is interested in you, she will take up your side and stick up for you and go against popular opinion. Another indication could be the fact that she supports and takes you side more than she does of her other male friends.

She loses no opportunity to touch you: This is another thing that can be tricky but if you observe carefully, you will find that she tends to touch you more than she does others going so far as to bump into you by accident. Girls tend not to do that unless they are interested, but do observe if she does this only with you or with other guys too.

She misses no opportunity to speak to you: If you find that the girl in question finds opportunity to talk you without any logical or normal reasons, then this could be a sign of her interest.

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Some conclusions: When it comes to love like the Leo man in love and the signs to watch out for which is simple, girls are not that easy to understand. However, if you feel that she exhibits most of the above signs, then she may not be averse to being asked out on a date. However, it is better to be sure and you can watch out for more signs as the girl in question is one you know better than us. Be sure that both of you are on the same page before taking things to the next level. We are sure that she will appreciate your patience and understanding in this regard.  Sometimes, it is easy enough to get confused as you tend to see only the things you want to see due to wishful thinking. That is why, such things are best done with patience and caution.

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