Love Compatibility Chart – Find More About This Concept

What is a love compatibility chart? If it does exist, does it really work? Would you actually base your decision to pick out a life partner based on this chart? What is the love chart going to tell you that you do not already know about? These are some of the questions that will go through your mind when you read the title and it is only correct that you have these doubts and questions. We don’t know what you have read about love compatibility charts but our guess is that most of what you have read about would be based on astrology (zodiac signs) or numerology. We are sure these two areas of expertise have a lot to offer and can indeed be a good place to start evaluating your love compatibility, but you need to rely on more than just the study of zodiac signs and the study of numbers to make such an important decision.

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We are not saying that making a decision on what you want to gift your girlfriend after you learn how to give gift your girlfriend based on her Zodiac sign is wrong but it cannot be the only point on which you base the decision to make a gift of your life.

Love Compatibility Chart

Here Are Some Points That Your Love Compatibility Chart Should Have And The Weightage You Need To Give To The Points:

Zodiac signs: Yes, we said that this could not be the only criteria to ensure that the person you are picking to spend the rest of the life with is the right one. However, a zodiac sign match can be a good place to start looking at compatibility, as this is an indication of your basic persona. You can give about 5% weightage to this factor.

Sexual attraction: Your attraction to each other in the sexual sense is the main factor that got you together in the first place and this can play a good role in the future of your relationship. The lack of a match in a couple’s attitude towards their sex life has been the cause of strife in many marriages, thereby it makes sense to see if your thinking and attitude in this regard as well as compatibility in this regard matches. You can give about 15% weightage to this factor.

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Shared values: Since we are talking about a life together, a couple needs to have some values in common, for the relationship to work out. Otherwise, when your personality matches and mutual sexual attractions starts to fade, things may become difficult for the couple. It is a good idea to glean what value systems each of you has and if you have at least some things in common. You can give about 20% weightage to this factor.

Mutual respect: We have used the word mutual respect here and not love as the assumption here is that you do love each other. A couple who plans to spend their life together needs to have mutual respect for things to work out. Without mutual respect and trust, couple will find it hard to tide over any difficult times they may face. You can give about 25% weightage to this factor.

Attitude towards money: Another thing that many couples fail to discuss leave alone consider is their shared attitude towards money. This can be a dangerous thing to do in the long run, as money is the oil that will keep the machinery of marriage moving ahead smoothly. So do look out for your life partner’s attitude about money and also run a check on yours before you consider a lifelong commitment. If you feel very strongly about savings, having budgets and investments and your partner does not, this is likely to trigger off many arguments and problems in the future. You can give about 15% weightage to this factor.

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Thoughts about family: By this, we mean your current families as in parents and siblings as well as the family you plan to start together. In some cases, the couple often realizes after their commitment to each other that their ideas in this regard do not match at all. One of the common fights that most couples have is about their parents and in some cases; it is about their ideas on starting their own families. That is why it makes a lot of sense to discuss things and find out what you think about this before moving ahead with the relationship. You can give about 20% weightage to this factor.

We have put down some of the common causes of problems and areas that cause difference of opinions in most relationships. However, we are sure that we may not have covered all the aspects, but here we are trying for the most common tension points in most relationships.

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