Are You Fit In The Mental Sense? Find Out How To Get There

There is so much talk about physical fitness around that more and more people are realizing the importance of this and adopting some changes in their lifestyle to accommodate this. This is indeed a positive change and mankind can only benefit from taking care of their physical selves, but is just taking care of your physical self alone, enough? What about the state of your mind? Is that not important? Do you think that just concentrating on the body is enough? Actually, when you really think about it, the mental state you are in is as important if not more as your physical self is.

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Having said that, do you really think people pay enough importance and attention to this aspect? In today’s world with our tight schedules, high levels of stress, lack of a support system, and where things are cutthroat, being fit mentally is really important. But sadly, most people do not even think about this aspect, leave alone do anything unless things start going wrong. However, many a times, paying attention to your mental state when things have gone wrong, may be too late or not enough.

The question here is not that people do not want to be fit mentally, it is just that they do not know how to do it. While we may not be experts on this, we can surely give you some tips to get started on being mentally fit. In addition, if you still feel let down and low after having tried the tips that we have provided, then you should go ahead and seek help.

Here Are Some Tips On Getting Started On The Path To Becoming Mentally Fit:

Learn to enjoy some time by yourself doing nothing: One of the things that people do not enjoy much is spending time by themselves. It is very important for your mental fitness that you spend some good amount of time all by yourself and enjoy it too. Soon this will become a time that you will use to think about stuff that needs thinking about and become at peace within yourself. Only a person who is completely comfortable with themselves will be comfortable with the rest of the world.

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Balance work and personal life well: Most people tend to take their personal lives to work and bring work home, which means there is no demarcation between the two. People try to justify this by saying that they are passionate about work but the truth is they have no boundaries. It is very important that you leave work where it belongs, in your office and personal life where it belongs, at home. This way you will actually be good at both and enjoy it too. You could make up a small ceremony to perform when you get back from work to clearly mark the fact that the workday is over.

Do something for someone with no selfish motive: You can start the chain of kindness so that will encircle the world and bring back some dividends to you by doing something for someone with no motive whatsoever. This is not something that is easy to do but you can start in a small way and do something like someone cross the road or smiling and complimenting a complete stranger.

Say something positive about yourself daily: Most people think being self-critical makes them a better person and while it could help in some ways, overdoing it could make things worse. To ensure that you also have plenty of confidence in the unique person that you are, you should try and say something positive to yourself while looking in the mirror. It could be something as little as telling yourself that your nails look pretty or something simple but you need to do this too.

Take up an activity only because you enjoy it: We work because you have to earn a living, we take up exercise because it is good for us, we take up house work because it is essential and all these things have to be done. However for the sake of your mental fitness, you also need to take up an activity just for the sheer enjoyment that you get from doing it.

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Forgive the past and let it go: One of the biggest burdens that makes us mentally heavy and unable to move on is hanging on to the past, especially in terms of the things that we did wrong in the past. For the sake of your mental fitness, you will have to take a good look at the past,  seek out the mistakes that you may have made and evaluate the lessons learnt from these mistakes and then forgive yourself. This is an important and very difficult step that will go a long way to make you mentally fit.

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