Simplify Your Life In 30 Days – Learn The Necessary Steps

Life used to be simple or what has happened to my life? When did my life become so complex? When did I lose track of what I wanted? What am I doing and where is all this leading? These are some of the questions that haunt our adult life and we all long for those simple days when things were not so tough. Would you like to get back the simpler times? With most people the answer would be in the affirmative. We all want the simpler life but have no clue about how to go about things. Well, don’t worry, the first step towards a simpler life is resolving to make it simpler. However, that alone is not enough; you will need to start making some changes.

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Here is how you can go about doing this in just 30 days.

Yes! You heard it right, if you do things right, then there are only thirty days between you and a simpler life.

Here are the steps to take to Simplify Your Life In 30 Days:

Day 1: Start with a simple step – get rid of one item that you have not used from your closet for over three years.

Day 2: Go back to basics and write a letter by hand to someone you have been missing for a long time.

Day 3: Don’t take the car out; instead walk when you finish your chores. Stop on the way and meander over the sights.

Day 4: Unsubscribe from all those pesky mails that you get repeatedly in your inbox.

Day 5: Spend an evening without turning the television, your phone and your computer on. Do something like having friends over or simply read a book that you have been meaning to for a long time.

Day 6: Throw away all the medication, cosmetics and other products that you have not used for more than 12 months.

Day 7: Make up a carton of clothes that are in good shape but those you have not worn for over 36 months and donate these to a charity.

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Day 8: Rise early and spend some lovely “me time” by taking a leisurely walk around the park.

Day 9: Do a mental maintenance day because you are what you think; so you need to watch your thoughts. Simply look at all the aspects of your life that have been making you feel negative and formally forgive yourself.

Day 10: Take up a project that you have always wanted to do like taking a course or taking up embroidery that you have been putting away due to lack of time.

Day 11: Take the time to arrange things for best workflow in your kitchen

Day 12: Clean out your vehicle and get rid of all the trash in it.

Day 13: Go through all the bills, papers; file those that you need and shred what is not needed.

Day 14: Sit down and repair all the clothes that need it

Day 15: Take the time to reorganize the linen closet

Day 16:  Resolve to eat one healthy meal a day

Day 17: Consciously measure and drink 8 glasses of water

Day 18:Dress up formally for dinner

Day 19: Clean out your kitchen and refrigerator of all unhealthy food items

Day 20: Spend one hour doing absolutely nothing and thinking nothing

Day 21: Forgive and let go old peeves

Day 22: Make it a point to smile and compliment one person daily

Day 23: Practice the art of compartmentalizing work and home life. Establish a routine to have this cut off.

Day 24: Plan a family vacation and book tickets

Day 25: Make a life plan to become healthy and stay healthy. Include a holistic approach that includes physical and mental well being

Day 26: Do something childlike and crazy that you have longed to do like skipping or playing with marbles or playing in the rain.

Day 27: Start the day with a glass of wine and a nice leisurely breakfast.

Day 28: Look back on the past 27 days and evaluate all the changes that have taken place in your life. You will be surprised at how much lighter and fresher you have started feeling.

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Day 29: Look at the mirror and tell yourself that you are the best that can be. Look at your body and acknowledge that though it is not perfect, it is one that is to be valued and loved.

Day 30: Make a schedule for the next level of simplification that you will do in the days to come. You will find that your life, your mind and your space has become lighter.

As you can see none of the steps given here are that tough but doing them consciously help discover the lovely person that you are. It will also help you connect with what is really important in your life.

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