Leo Man In Love Signs To Watch Out For

Are you a Leo man or more importantly are you interested in being with a Leo man? Most people want to know more about the man they are interested in and though their zodiac sign is not the only way to find out, it is something that can give you a lot of clues. Like for instance, it is a universally known fact that Libras like to debate a lot and knowing this would help you deal with them. In addition, when it comes to romance, most of us can do with that extra fillip. That is why if the man you are into and hoping he is also into you is a Leo, then read on to know more.

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First of all, do not give in to those astrology compatibility charts that are based just on the sun sign you are born under; you are more than just a sun sign. That is why knowing about the characteristics of a sun sign while giving a clue to the general qualities of the person, needs a more in depth study if you are considering the person as a life partner.

A Leo man in love is going to be like sitting on the sidelines and watching royalty court even if both in the partnership are not Leos. That is because Leos are known to shower their grandeur and royalty on those that they love and by this we are not talking in terms of wealth spent but in terms of the grandness of the gestures and the warmth. That is why even if a female who is not really interested in the Leo male is courted by him, she is sure to blush and feel flattered.  And if the woman in question is also interested, then you can only hope for a good view along with popcorn so that you can enjoy the woo show.

Leo Man In Love Signs

We have said it before, but we will say it again – the Leo man in love is a show worth watching. He is generally speaking a happy and hearty person and being in love is only going to bring out and accentuate all these qualities.

Let us see what the signs of a Leo man in love would be based on the sun sign of the woman he is wooing:

With the Aries woman: There will be fireworks as both of them have the fire element. Both of them are outgoing and social, but they may clash on what they think is important when it comes to their public image. Her idealistic notions of being liked for what she is may not sit very well with his royal highness’s attitude of wanting to be popular.

With the Taurus woman: This woman is supposed to be strong of character and would be stubborn, which would mean that this earth sign would clash with the fire element of the Leo man. But the introvert Taurean woman may cause the flamboyant Leo to feel left out but when in love, our man can be really generous so it should work out.

With the Gemini woman: The air element of the Gemini woman would ideally speaking be able to work well with the fire element of the Leo man. They are both extrovert and fun-loving, so what can go wrong? But the fickle and flirtatious Gemini woman can bring out the possessiveness of the Leo man, and this could cause problems in their love life.

With the Cancer woman: One would think that two people of such diverse natures may not get along well, but that is not true. There is something about the introverted and moody nature of the crab that would make the Lion go all protective. When in love, they would find their groove and work out really well in spite of being from the water element and the fire element.

With the Leo woman: One royal with another? Well, this would be an interesting love match indeed with both of them wanting to rule. But love is magnificent and will help them pick out which aspects of their life they would get to rule in, and it would work out in the end.

With the Virgo woman: The shy and reserved Virgo woman with her core of steel may need to change a lot to be with the Leo man. But the Leo in love will have to handle the criticism that the Virgo woman may heap on him. And she will have to handle his less-than-modest persona. But they say love conquers all.

With the Libra woman: Libran women have the reputation of being among the best looking women in all the zodiac, and this could be a real draw when it comes to Leo’s love of all things beautiful. But the tendency of the Libra woman to argue and the tendency of each to be extravagant with money due to their love of finer things can be a bit of a problem.

With the Scorpio woman: Both are strong, dominant, and dynamic personalities, which is a minefield when it comes to their relationship. But then both of them are sensual, and this could cause sparks to fly between the two of them. The Scorpio will have to learn to praise more, and the Leo would have to stop being so possessive as the Scorpio while a jealous person herself does not like being curbed.

With the Sagittarius woman: Though these two are ruled by the fire element and will indeed have a lot of fun while being together, their long-term relationship could be a bit troublesome. The Sagittarius with her free spirit may seem a bit too much for the Leo man to handle. However, once they get over who gets more attention, love can blossom and flourish if they work at it.

With the Capricorn woman: The Leo will see the stolid and down-to-earth Capricorn woman as boring, and she will think that he is too attention-loving. We are after all talking about a love match between a goat and lion, and this would have some problems as you can imagine, Plus, you also have to factor in Leo’s love of luxuries and the Capricorn’s conservative approach to money.

With the Aquarius woman: The unconventionally beautiful Aquarius woman will have no trouble attracting the attention of the Leo, but their relationship will not be easy. They will fight but also respect each other which can be a good base for their relationship to flourish. But Aquarius may fall short on lavishing the kind of praise and adoration that the Leo man wants.

With the Pisces woman: The Pisces woman is the essence of femininity and would be happy to let the Leo take the lead when it comes to being in the limelight, and this will work out well for them. He, in turn, will find himself being very protective of her, which she will enjoy. This relationship should flourish as long as they respect each other’s preferences for outdoor activities.

A general snapshot of the Leo Man: The thing you should know about the Leo man is that he is ruled by the Sun and Leo also indicates the Lion, which is the king of the jungle. From these two aspects, you would have gleaned that a Leo man is likely to warm and royal. While these are admirable qualities and you can bask in them when you are on his good side, it also has another side to it. Royalty tends to be domineering and oppressive and the heat of the sun after a certain level can scorch you. So, what does this say about the Leo man? You can see that a typical Leo man enjoys the limelight, likes the trappings of wealth, loves to be generous when he is in the mood, can be really warm and caring. These are the positive aspects. On the negative side, he can be the type to want a lot of attention, can be someone who likes to spend in excess, may be dominating and have a big ego.

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