Top 10 Most Popular Tattoo Artists in the World

Tattooing had emerged out to be the most popular art forms around the world. It had become a trend worldwide and people have gone made about these tattoos. There are number of tattoo artists around the world, who are popular for their designs and the techniques they use to bring out the finest tattoos design. Here is the list of most popular tattoo artist in the world. You must read about them.

Most Popular Tattoo Artists in the World1.1

Most Popular Tattoo Artists in the World

Mike Rubendall

Most Popular Tattoo Artists in the World1

Earlier, Mike worked for ‘Adorned’, but presently he owns his own tattoo shop. He is also featured in TLC series ‘Tattoo Wars’.

  • He designs the tattoos that are related to eastern culture, especially related to Japanese Origin
  • He will design lot of cherry blossoms and Koi fishes
  • He also makes the horror and the neo-traditional tattoos and mix them well with eastern art form with ghouls and demons
  • He remains booked for a year in advance
  • He charges $125 every hour

Dave Tedder

Most Popular Tattoo Artists in the World2

He started as the piercer in South Carolina and considered the art of tattooing as illegal. But eventually he moved to Florida in order to learn this art form.

  • He settled in Bulldog Tattoo and was mentored by Holden Ritchison
  • Both of them left Bulldog and joined Babylon Tattoo
  • Tedder learned about the artist John Coiro and Novi Filopvich
  • He is now one of the finest a tattoo artist of the world and charges $150 for an hour

Stephanie Tamez

Most Popular Tattoo Artists in the World3

She had received training in graphic design before she had shifted to the art of tattooing. She works in famed New York shop – ‘Adorned’.

  • She specializes in Typography of the tattoo
  • She mixes up the font well and create marvelous tattoo designs
  • She charges $200 every hour

Paul Booth

Most Popular Tattoo Artists in the World4

Paul is the tattoo artist for people who are fond of music or belong to heavy metal, gothic rock, industrial, or progressive roll bands. He specializes in the things loved by rockers.

  • He embed the gothic and horror tattoos in gray scale
  • The band members from popular bands like Pantera, Slipknot, and Sepultura are the clients of this artist
  • His works are generally done in black ink wash and that too freehand
  • He had also appeared in TLC, Discovery, CNBC, and CNN
  • He generally have booking for two years in advance
  • He charges $300 every hour

Anil Gupta

Most Popular Tattoo Artists in the World5

He is well known for the accurate rendition of art work and realistic portraits. He copied the cover of album ‘Skeletons from the Closet’ by Grateful Dead. It was so exact that it looked the accurate photocopy of the cover.

  • He do Celtic knotwork with intricate designs and patterns
  • He is well known for the the tribal tattoos and abstract pieces he creates with his art
  • He can even tattoo the paintings made by Salvador Dali and Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Some of his clients are Rosie O’ Donnell, John McEnroe, and Christian Slater
  • You have to book a session with him at least 6 months in advance
  • He charges $450 every hour

Kate Von D

Most Popular Tattoo Artists in the World6

She was with Ami James in ‘Miami Ink’ for the four seasons. After falling out with Ami, she opened her own tattoo shop in Los Angeles.

  • This shop was the subject of show called ‘LA Ink’
  • She has the worth of $5 million
  • She charges minimum $200 every hour and price may increase with tattoo design

Keith Underwood

Most Popular Tattoo Artists in the World7

He is the pupil of late Mike Malone, who is the pupil of Sailor Jerry. He had been tattooing for more than a decade.

  • He is linked to the golden era of American Tattooing
  • He masters in American street shop styles
  • He will charge $200 every hour

Bob Tyrrell

Most Popular Tattoo Artists in the World8

Bob is well known for the realistic works of art he do. His tattoos resemble life that looks like a animated object.

  • He had made a great name in tattoo industry
  • He specializes in creating realistic black and gray portraits
  • He charges $150 every hour

Brandon Bond

Most Popular Tattoo Artists in the World9

He is one of the most successful and well published tattoo artists of the world. He is based in Atlanta and own number of shops there with names Anti Art Elite or nothing Tattoo.

  • He also owns a company ‘Stranglehold’ which sells the products related to the Tattoos
  • He is a faster worker and gives a minimum of 2 hour session
  • He charge $200 every hour

Ami James

Most Popular Tattoo Artists in the World10

He is the man behind the shows of TLC- ‘Miami Ink’ and ‘NY Ink’. He has his own shop at London with name ‘Love Hate Social Club’.

  • He also owns a clothing company ‘DeVille;
  • He has the net worth of $5.1 million
  • He charges $500 every hour

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