Different Facts About Tattoo Ink: 12 Facts

Tattoo ink is the coloring substance, that provide color to your art work. The ink highlights the design and makes it more realistic and appealing. This pigment is usually made out of heavy metal or the metallic salts. Some tattoo artist used the ready made color while other create their own color spectrum by blending dry color with the ready made color.

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Tattoo ink is composed of two substances: carrier and pigment. Pigment provides the color to tattoo while carries is a disinfect against pigment. However, these inks are not vegetable extract or herbal,therefore each color has some risk risk associated with it. Hence, it is recommended toconsult the MSDS (Material safety Data Sheet) of the color. MSD sheet gives the some information about the each element of the ink. Some commonly used tattoo inks are black, white, Red, Green and UV ink. There are many different facts about Tattoos Inks that you should know before receiving a tattoo.

Facts About Tattoo Ink

Tattoo Ink is Not Legal

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The US FDA neither approves nor regulate the ink and pigment that are being used in tattoos. However, if you still wish to have colored tattoo then select the tattoo parlor, which is reputated and clean.

Tattoo Ink can be Harmful to Pregnancy

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Tattoo ink creates a fine visual effect. Tattoo speak a lot about one’s personality. However the ink tattoo on the lower back can be harmful for your spinal cord. Some anesthesiologists have shown concern and recommended harmful for:

  • Pregnant Ladies.
  • People complain lower back problem.

Tattoo Ink Composition is Proprietary

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Manufactures never disclose the secret of chemical composition in their ink.Different bands have different chemical composition and ingredients. Tattoo ink is made of heavy metals like Zinc, mercury, Nickel, Cobalt. Some makers also introduce lead to decrease the production price of their ink.

UV ink is Dangerous to Health

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UV tattoo ink are not safe. People may feel unwell after getting a UV tattoo. The reason is dangerous for health because:-

  • Rays that tattoo emit when the light is flashing over it are harmful to skin.
  • The colors are used in dyes that the person is injected.

UV ink has a higher frequency of allergic reactions

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The UV ink tattoo is the most expensive and trickier process. Not only this they are harmful as well.

  • UV ink is made up on toxin chemicals.
  • They emit light that is dangerous to the skin.

Tattoo ink is pop into Dermis

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Humans have three layered skin epidermis, dermis and hypodermis. The ink of the tattoo is injected into the second layer of skin. In the middle layer of the skin ink gets intact and leaves the image stable.

No artistic Guarantee for White Ink Tattoo

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White tattoo ink, the ink that rarely exist for long. White ink tattoo has the least retancy ability. No tattoo artist guarantees his work for white ink because of following two reasons; –

  • White ink of tattoo fades completely in a short period of time, which is very frustrating
  • Tattoo artist does not want their customer complaining.

Some UV tattoo inks claim to be FDA approved


Some ink manufacture and maker claim that their UV ink is FDA approved. Beware of such people! There is no Tattoo ink that is approved by FDA.

Black ink lasts long

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If you want an ink color that last for longer than Black is the best choice for you. The black color ink takes a maximum time to get a grow faint as compared to other ink color.

  • Black color ink usually fades slowly
  • Even though they fade the design ink turns gray and it still looks the same.

Tattoo Ink gets faded when exposed extremities

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It has been seen that the colored tattoo tends to fade with time, however, they also lose their color when exposed much to the sunshine, water or chlorine. The effect of color also loses, they fade if the person puts on some weight.

Tattoo ink may cause burns

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It is said that the heavy metals that are being used in the ink of the tattoo may react and cause

  • Severe irritation to skin.
  • Iron cause burns when when placed under MRI.

The tattoo is an excellent art work and very popular these days. The motive of this article is not to discourage not to discourage readers, but to provide information that may help the reader before they get inked tattoos.

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