Want To Know About The Personality Traits Of A Scorpio Man? Read On

Have you seen the expression on a person’s face when you told him he is a Scorpio? It does not matter whether a person believes in astrology or does not they already have some strange ideas about Scorpio men like they are addicted to sex, very vindictive and passionate. The characteristics of a Scorpio male are something that is bandied about a lot. There are many articles dedicated to this very subject.

Some of the stuff that is written about can be pretty strange and often confusing.

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Here Is A True Picture Of Scorpio Man And What He Is All About:

Alluring and mysterious: What you have read about Scorpio males being very mysterious is actually true. They rank among the most secretive right next to the Scorpio women. The reason that a Scorpio is considered mysterious is due to their penchant for keeping secrets combined with the way they stare. A Scorpio stare can make you feel exposed and as if he is able to see into your very soul. While they seem to know a lot about your inner self, there is no way they will let you read them at all. It is this alluring and mysterious air that naturally attracts the opposite sex to the Scorpio man.

They like their secrets: Scorpio men take being secretive to the next level and this means that getting something out of them is really tough. They lack trust in others which is one of the prime reasons that makes them so secretive. Even those Scorpio men who seem open and very sociable are not the type to be loose and easy with their secrets. It is akin to extracting a body part for a Scorpio man to reveal a secret.

Full of passion: Scorpio men are known for being intense in their passions and this makes one of the best lovers in the zodiac. But the passion of a Scorpio male is not just limited to the bedroom but also other areas of his life. He can never be halfhearted in what he does and this characteristic is one of the traits that will expose him as the Scorpio male that he is.

Tender and tough: The typical Scorpio will seem like a person with a tough exterior but delve a bit deeper and you can see his soft side. His emotions are quite deep and being aware of this, a Scorpio male takes care to protect himself with a tough façade. Plus it is not easy for a Scorpio man to trust anyone and this makes him tough to most people except a select few who are close to him.

Smart and emotional: Scorpios are known to make decisions based on their emotions but not all time. This is because Scorpios are very well aware of the need to balance their emotions against cold and irrefutable logic. This gives him the wherewithal to look at everything from all angles.

Clever and mature: A Scorpio is known to be never young in that they are always full of maturity and wisdom no matter how tender their age. Though his profession may not necessarily indicate this, he can be really clever and very smart. It is almost as if a Scorpio man holds the wisdom of the ages in his hands even at birth.

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Can be moody: Since a Scorpio man is known to think a lot and that too deeply, he may be so into his own thoughts that this projects outwardly as being moody. This means when a Scorpio male is into his thoughts he may not like being interrupted and this may make him seem moody. Once the problem is resolved, he is back to normal and this to others may seem like mood swings.

Full of ambition: A Scorpio will have ambition in abundance. He may not reveal what his goal are but you can be sure he will have them and he will be focused on achieving them. Though Scorpios like a good life, his ambitions may not be all about money and it could be pretty spiritual.

Very strong: Scorpio are attracted to power but this does not mean he likes to be in the center stage at all times. Though he likes the power and being powerful, he may not want to be in the limelight. He in fact likes to be the power behind the scenes.

Very vindictive: This is one of the negative characteristics that Scorpio men are known for. The fact is while they are warm people and love you a lot, any disturbance in this status quo can cause him to become really vindictive. When he trusts you a lot, any untrustworthy act can make him really angry.

Some More Things To Know About Scorpios:

Scorpio men have a nice and sharp sense of humor. Sometimes their humor may not be understandable to all.

He does not fall for anyone that easily and when he does it is very deeply. Though he likes beauty he is not a shallow person.

They can be a little dominating and quick tempered and tend to be pretty blunt.

He can be the most loyal person to have around once he becomes yours.

They tend to disdain rules that are laid down for them and tend to be rebellious.

They like to be orderly and disciplined in many aspects.

They can be perceived as being selfish.

Even if a Scorpio male does not have conventional good looks, he will still have an attractive and sexy look about them.

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Some good matches for a Scorpio male: Many articles suggest that women from the water signs make a good match for Scorpios along with earth signs. But you cannot make a match based only on this one trait. It has been known for Scorpio males to be married to fire or air signs. As far as compatible mates are concerned one needs to look deeper than just a zodiac sign.

While we have generally talked about the Scorpio male characteristics, there is more to them than that as each human being is a unique product of his upbringing and circumstances. But hopefully this article will unravel some of the mysteries of a Scorpio male. This can be a good guide for simple things in life like the article about how you can learn to give the right gift to your girlfriend based on her zodiac sign, but not for serious and weighty life decisions.

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