You Are What You Think; So Watch Your Thoughts

Have you ever considered how much your thoughts shape things in your life? It is a fact that many of us miss when you think of the bigger things in life. We pay a lot of attention to what we study; we pay a lot of attention to what we eat, where we work, whom we are friends with and also how much we have. However, the one thing that we keep forgetting to pay attention to is our own thoughts.

Think about it; why are some people who have very little are so upbeat whereas others who have everything are morose and dissatisfied? Is it because more wealth and better luck makes these people feel paranoid or that the secret of happiness lies in having very less in terms of things and possessions? Hardly! In fact, if anything money can provide you many of the comforts of life, which can make things easier for you and not having money, could even deprive you of the basic necessities. Therefore, that cannot be right.

Actually, if you look a bit closer, you will find that people who seem more upbeat and positive are the kind of people who look at things from a different point of view and have a very different thought process.

To make things easier for you to understand in terms where we are going with this analogy, I am giving below a couple of examples:

happy couple

Martha and John are a couple who are blessed in every possible way. They are both good looking and in steady jobs. They have two children who are cute, smart and well-behaved. One would think that they would be a couple who would be happy but sadly they are not; they are always complaining about how horrible their life is. So much so, now people go out their way to avoid this couple at social gatherings.

On the other hand, you have Karen and Ronald, who are average in looks, poor in income and whose children are not that cute or smart. Even though they work all hours of the day and night, you will never see them look unhappy. In fact, people seek them out for the happiness they exude. They seem to go out of the way to help people, as they seem to know how an act of kindness has the power to transform your life.

One day, when all of us friends got to talking about these two couples, the general consensus was that Karen and Ronald were a fun couple to hang out but Martha and John could put a damper on any occasion. Then we got to talking about how this could be so; Karen and Ronald had such a tough life while Martha and John had everything going for them. The more we talked about this, the clearer it became that it was a matter of their attitudes.

Then we started to think about how people come by their attitudes and the conclusions we came were pretty enlightening.

friends talking

Here Is What We Came Up With:

A good attitude is not about how much you have but a matter of how much you appreciate what you have.

You are going to find what you are going to look for, so if you are looking for problems, then even things that are not problems will seem that way.

If you wear a smile on the face, it is likely to get you one in return, the happiness spreads and permeates the whole world, and it seems a better place.

Comparisons with people who are better off than you will always lead to more disappointments and we all have to remember that everyone has problems no matter how things look from outside.

Stop to enjoy the small things instead of waiting for that one big joy that may not happen at all or if it does happen maybe you are too deep in your dark thoughts to notice.

The more we talked about the whole thing, the more it became clear that our thoughts have a large part in the way our lives pan out. Soon we started talking about how our thoughts have the power to make or break our lives.

happy couple  2

Each Of Us Wrote Down Our Conclusions And Here Are What They Are:

Focus on what is good about your life and believe that you may not be able to control what happens in your life but we can control our reaction to it.

There is more to life than material things and in any case it does make more sense to enjoy the things we do have than spend time longing for what we don’t have

Each of us has one life to live and this life is different from the one others have. Why not enjoy things are they are?

Now do you believe us when we say, “You are what you think”?

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