50 Beautiful Bird Tattoo Designs to go with

Bird tattoos designs can be attractive and at the same time feminine. This is the reason bird tattoo designs are becoming extremely trendy among young girls. Birds are often symbolized as souls and hold a traditional meaning as mediators between the gods and men. Let’s glance through the rising trend of bird tattoo designs and then decide whether or not you are opting for these feathered designs to be crafted on your body. There are several kinds of birds that can be used as tattoo designs for girls. Here are some of them along with their meanings and feelings.

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There is undoubtedly plethora of choices available when it comes to bird tattoos designs. One can choose a variety of different bird species such as a humming bird or an eagle as per your preference and choice. Moreover, the tattoos can be placed at numerous places on the body to make it unique.

  • Sparrow– Viewed as the symbol of lowliness and insignificance. Sparrows hold different meaning for different people and different religions.
  • Swallow– According to some people, swallows are sign of spring and fertility.
  • Dove– It is loved by people as it reflects peace, soul innocence, gentleness and soul.
  • Swan– It connotes trust and submission along with goddess Venus.

Beautiful Bird Tattoo Designs

Bird Tattoo Designs1

Bird Tattoo Designs4

Bird Tattoo Designs9

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After you have weighed down the pros and cons of making bird tattoo you can choose a design and go ahead. A few people choose trendy tattoos just because they cherish them. For others the subject and the meaning of the tattoo is more important. Some of them get attracted by the design of these tattoos.

Bird Tattoo Designs14

Bird tattoos are not simply a way of becoming trendy rather they can help you express yourself. Make sure that a tattoo you carry is an expression of your individuality.

  • Choose a bird tattoo that best describes you.
  • Whatever design you choose, if you are able to locate an exceptional and different bird tattoo design with a special meaning for you, you will surely love it till the time you keep it.

Bird Tattoo Designs17

Bird Tattoo Designs19

Bird Tattoo Designs22

Bird Tattoo Designs21

A certain degree of possible health risks are associated with tattoo making. Since a gun equipped with needles is inserted into the top layer of the skin, pain is always there. The pain varies with the part of body pierced and is accompanied by bleeding in some cases. The bleeding is linked with numerous kinds of infections and ailments which can lead to serious issues in future.

  • Other common health ailments associated are blood-borne illnesses such as Hepatitis B.
  • Unsterilized and contaminated equipment such as the needles or gun can lead to infection.
  • Sometimes, as the skin heals, the pigment may remain trapped below.
  • The ingredients present in the ink can also pose a number of threats in the form of allergic reaction.

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Bird Tattoo Designs3

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Bird Tattoo Designs15

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Bird Tattoo Designs18

Bird Tattoo Designs20

Bird Tattoo Designs23

Bird Tattoo Designs24

Bird Tattoo Designs25

Bird Tattoo Designs26

Bird Tattoo Designs27

Bird Tattoo Designs28

Bird Tattoo Designs29

Bird Tattoo Designs30

Bird Tattoo Designs31

Bird Tattoo Designs32

Bird Tattoo Designs33

Bird Tattoo Designs34

Bird Tattoo Designs35

Bird Tattoo Designs36

Bird Tattoo Designs37

Bird Tattoo Designs38

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Bird Tattoo Designs40

Bird Tattoo Designs41

Bird Tattoo Designs42

Bird Tattoo Designs43

Bird Tattoo Designs44

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Bird Tattoo Designs46

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The process of tattoo removal poses various side effects to the body. So, it is essential to consider all these risks before deciding to opt for bird tattoo designs. First and foremost is lack of complete pigment removal. Chances exist of a permanent scar left on the place of tattooing. Risk of hypo pigmentation and hyper pigmentation exist. The treated skin becomes lighter or darker than surrounding skin for the rest of your life. Therefore, make your final decision of tattooing only after paying due consideration to the risks and precautions associated with the process of making tattoos.

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