Make The Most Of These Underrated Pleasures In Life!

What if we were to tell you that there are many things in your life that have the potential to fill you with happiness? What if we went ahead and showed you that most of these pleasures will not cost you that much and neither will they require much effort? We are sure the reaction of most people to something like this would be disbelief. It would be akin to the reaction when you are told that the key to health, wealth and happiness is really simple. It actually is simple but may not be all that easy to implement. However, these underrated pleasures that we are talking about are simple as well as easy.

Only when you read what we have got to say will you realize how easy and how very underrated these pleasures are. Here is the list that we feel works generally but we are sure that once you go through this list, you will have a few of your own to add to this list.

lying in bed 3

Lying in bed on a stormy night: Picture this; it is cold and stormy outside and you are all cozy and tucked up in bed. Everyone you care about is also nice and safe. All you need to do is lie back and watch the show that nature puts up from a nice and warm bed. This is a feeling that can be truly enjoyable.

The moment when water clears from your ears: Sometimes while engaging in activities involving water, you are likely to get water in the ears. This can be irritating leaving you with a nagging frustration. The moment when the ear clears up can be a moment of joy and relief, which while small, can be truly joyful.

Something stuck in your teeth coming out: When we are eating foods like popcorn or something similar, some bit of food could be stuck in the teeth. And only a person who has faced such a problem will tell you what a relief and joy it is when that particle comes off.

When your food is served: You are really hungry and you are at a restaurant waiting for the food to be served. The moment you spot your waiter or waitress approaching your table with your food can be a moment of unparalleled joy. It is an underrated pleasure that one should never overlook.

When you can want to and know that you can go back to sleep: How many times have you reached for the snooze button only to refrain from pressing it because you really have to get up? Well, what if one day you feel the longing to go back to sleep and realize that you can? It would be a joyous moment indeed.

Using your own bathroom after a week away: This may be gross to many, but the pleasure that one can get from finally using your bathroom after not having had that chance for a week or so can never be underrated. It is something that only a person who has gone through this can tell you about.

make someone laugh

Making someone laugh: When you have said something funny and the person to whom you are relating to may find it funny and burst into laughter; this can be a one of the most underrated pleasures in life. It is something to make you feel good the whole day.

Freshly washed clothes heaped on you: You are lying on the bed when someone walks in with freshly washed and dried clothes on you. The smell and feel of freshly washed clothes on top of you is one of the pleasures in life that you should not underestimate.

Your vacuum cleaner picks something up: You have been vacuuming your home with an eye on the door. This is something that we all do but the joy to be had when the vacuum picks up something off the floor and the little noise it makes when it does is not something that we can describe.

Fresh bed sheets on the bed: This is a pleasure that we have had but never really thought about- clean sheets on the bed. The crisp and clean feel of fresh sheets is indeed an underrated pleasure.

Laughing your guts out: We laugh all the time but we take it for granted. The next time you have a good laugh; do concentrate on what a pleasure it can be. Don’t take it for granted and keep cherishing it.


Taking the ski boots off: You have been on the slopes all day long and been skiing up and down. It is a real joy to do this and this is something that we all know but there is also some happiness to be had in the moment when you finally get home and take off those skiing boots off.

Sleeping after a nice shower: Sometimes we find that being clean and warm at the end of a long day before we go to bed can be a real pleasure. Do not undervalue this pleasure and do enjoy it.

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