The Scorpio Male With The Virgo Female: Must Read

Well what happens when a water sign like Scorpio gets together with an earth sign like Virgo? Obviously water makes the earth richer and earth offers a haven to the water and they have a good time, right? Well, it could be that way but not all the time; there could be some work required for the Scorpio man and the Virgo woman to do to make sure that this relationship work in areas like romance. After we are talking about the perfection loving Virgo woman being paired with the mystical and mysterious Scorpio man.

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To say that they need to work at their relationship may be sometimes an understatement. Why? You ask, you just said that Earth signs work really well with Water signs, then why do they need to work. Do you think that relationships are that simple?

The relationship between a Scorpio male with that of a Virgo female can be summed up in two words – passion with perfection. The Scorpio man is passionate enough for both of them but can be overwhelming with the need to dominate. And if only the Virgo woman would set aside her need for perfection around her to see that the love that her Scorpio mate for her is more than perfect. It wants to make her feel perfect and protected. All that needs to be done is for both of them to start accepting that both are right in their own rights and that they are perfectly and passionately matched for the other.

Actually All Relationships Need Work, But Here Are Some Pointers On Why This Particular Pairing Needs Work:

The Scorpio Male With The Virgo Female

The lady Virgo: Well, you should know that the flip side of being perfect is that you also tend to be critical and that is what the Virgo lady is all about. Actually she is as critical about herself as she is about others but that is beside the point as a Scorpio male while remarkable in many ways is not remarkably open when it comes to taking criticism. Can you see where we are going with this? The anger that the Scorpio man expresses about being criticized is actually hurt in disguise. The thing is a Scorpio man can be accepting of all that you are, including your faults. The thing about the Scorpio man he gets easily riled up when criticized and it is really tough to calm him down once he is all twisted up. Plus the love and regard that a Scorpio man has for his woman is so deep that it is going to leave him devastated when his Virgo lady criticizes him.

The Scorpio Gent: This man when he is in love with someone can be pretty obsessed with the love and the romance of it. That means when he is in love with you, he is really into you and simply cannot stay away from you; his love is very deep and very sincere. The Scorpio man loves the way his perfect Virgo lady is trying to better herself every chance she gets. But he does not see the point in this as he wants her just the way she is as this is what love is all about as far as Scorpio is concerned. Another area that could be bit of a problem when it comes to the Scorpio gent and the Virgo lady is the bedroom. The Scorpio man happens to be intensely physical and sexual in his expression of the feelings he has and the Virgo woman can be a little lacking in this area. But this may not really bother the Scorpio male as he will start to take charge in this area and take things to the next level, however he may find that sometimes this makes the Virgo lady a little uncomfortable.

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