10 Most Popular Male Celebrities with Tattoo Design

The fashion of tattoos is rapidly spreading to the Hollywood industry and many celebrities around the world are getting their body parts tattooed from different tattoo artists around the world. Many Hollywood celebrities are busy in showing the off screen art to people rather than concentrating on their work.

Most Popular Male Celebrities with Tattoo Design11

Tattoo trends had made everyone go crazy about the tattoo designs and tattoo art. Many Hollywood celebrities had gone for full body tattoos while some had chosen to cover only few body parts. Here is the list of most popular male celebrities with tattoo design.

Most Popular Male Celebrities with Tattoo Design

Travis Barker

Most Popular Male Celebrities with Tattoo Design1.1

He is the Badass percussionist from American rock band ‘Blink 182’ and had gone completely sober with his tattoos. He has a good collection of tattoos over his body.

  • He has ‘Pal’ tattoo that matches the tattoo of his dad
  • He even has a Cadillac Emblem over his chest, Jesus on his left arm, symbol of rose and his daughter’s name of his left arm
  • He has memorial tattoo on his right arm dedicated to his mother
  • He also has memorial tattoo of DJ AM and Chris on thighs


Most Popular Male Celebrities with Tattoo Design2

He is a cool guy and bit funny too. His real name is Stephen Gilchrist Glover. He has number of dumb tattoos engraved on his body and always attracts the eyes of his fans towards them.

Paul Lawrence

Most Popular Male Celebrities with Tattoo Design5

He is the performer, musician, and an actor, who had covered his complete body with jigsaw puzzle tattoos and has also opted for horn implants. He has different parts of his body pierced too.

  • More than 200 tattoo artists had worked for him
  • Tattoos had reformed his body completely that his mother with hardly recognize him

Dwayne Johnson

Most Popular Male Celebrities with Tattoo Design6

He is popular with name ‘The Rock’ in WWE and had dedicated tattoos to his family on his sleeves and half part of chest. There are different tattoos on his sleeves symbolizing different meanings

  • He has tattoos of coconut leaves, a Sun, and tattoos about his wife and daughter
  • He also has two eyes engraved on his body depicting that the ancestors are watching
  • Other tattoos on his body are tortoise shell, broken face with shark teeth, and some stones too

Adam Levine

Most Popular Male Celebrities with Tattoo Design7

Adam Levine is popular for doing the naked photo shoot. He showcased a lot of tattoos on his body in that photoshoot.

  • He has a Sanskrit Tattoo on left side that symbolizes hi dedication to Yoga
  • He also has a tattoo of 222 on his forearm that is the door number of his first studio
  • He has ‘Los Angeles’ Tattoo on upper part of his right bicep along with some more tattoos on his arms

David Beckham

Most Popular Male Celebrities with Tattoo Design8

He is the 39 year old star footballer and is one of the most popular football players of all times. He had retired from national football team and has extra ordinary craze for the tattoos.

  • He has a wide range of tattoos on his bodies
  • He has the names of his sons tattooed on his back
  • He also has the name of his wife Victoria engraved on his body in Hindi
  • He showcases different signs on his body with these tattoos

John mayer

Most Popular Male Celebrities with Tattoo Design9

He is the singer and guitarist and had wowed his fans by tattooing his sleeves. The tattoo designs include peonies, wind bars, cherry blossoms, and different Japanese Tattoos.

Eric Sprague

Most Popular Male Celebrities with Tattoo Design10

This man had decided to become a lizard by covering his complete body with tattoos and has opted for five Teflon implant horns, splitting his tongue and sharpening the teeth.

  • He was the first man to have forked tongue in 1972
  • He even wanted to create a tail for himself, but the modern surgery is not prepared for it

Tom Leppard

Most Popular Male Celebrities with Tattoo Design3.1

If he take off his clothes and go to a jungle then no animal can say that he is not a Leopard.He is a 78 year old man and love leopards.

  • He had registered his name is Guinness Book of World Records for being the most tattooed man of the world
  • He has the Leopard patterns covering his complete body and also has leopard spots
  • He is living in a small cabin in Scotland (Isle of Skype)

Danny Trejo

Most Popular Male Celebrities with Tattoo Design4

He is the Latino guy with long hairs, mustache, and muscular body. He had a long craze for tattoos and is now seen with many different tattoos on his body.

  • He has a tattoo of woman on his large chest
  • He added a red heart tattoo wrapped inside barbed wire. It is dedicated to his wife
  • He also got his wife and daughters name tattooed on his body part
  • He also has some traditional tattoos on his forearm like peacock, humming bird, rose, and also a catholic cross

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