Life Lessons You want your Daughter to Know

When you have a daughter, it is one of the most wonderful moments in your life as you hold the tiny being in your arms. Most moms will tell you that this is a bittersweet moment for them; they are happy to have given birth to this lovely creature but they are also filled with fears of what she has to go through in her journey to becoming a woman.  You know what it takes, this journey from being a girl child to becoming a grown woman.


That is why you would like to take that little girl in your arms and protect her from all the things that could hurt her, but you know that is not possible. All you can do is give her life lessons to make her strong and sure and hope that she faces the journey of life with a brave face and comes up with her head high held through it all. You can of course teach her things like aspects of life that you must stay away if you seek happiness, but as a woman to another, you know there is a lot more you would like to teach her.

Here Are Some Life Lessons That You Would Want Your Daughter To Know:

You cannot do it all: This may sound like the wrong thing to say but it is the truth and the sooner your daughter understands this, the better prepared she will be for what she has to do. It is a fact that growing up us women are often told that we can do it all and have it all. While this is nice to hear and may even work, it does not happen without many sacrifices along the way. Women are asked to juggle their home lives, their career, and motherhood and look great while doing it. If a woman can do all this, then hats off to her but we have to realize that, this does set the bar high and increases the pressure on us. Once a woman realizes that she is just human and she will need to give herself a break and forgive herself for not doing it all, life becomes easier to cope with. This is a lesson that you will have to gently but positively teach your daughter so that she does not set herself for disappointment.

Others will see you the way you see yourself: This is a simple truth that women have to accept especially when it comes to their looks. Let us face it; no one is perfect and if they are, they have done a lot to look that way. So, don’t you think it is better that a woman becomes comfortable with the way her body and face looks and concentrates more on good health than mere looks? What is more, once you have accepted your looks, you will find that you are more comfortable and confident and this really does affect how others look at you. You will soon realize that people like hanging out with you because you are an interesting and attractive person who is ready to focus on other things than just their looks. You will need to reinforce this life lesson to your daughter on a daily basis so that she starts believing in it.

working woman

Do make time for yourself: This is something that women from all eras have ignored and felt bad about later on. It is a fact that most women have this intense need to prove themselves whether it is in their career or when it comes to their personal lives. This leads them to do things beyond their capability and in most cases; the victim is the woman herself. She forgets that she too has needs and she needs to give herself time. You should tell your daughter that having a career and family is really important but it is also important she does not lose herself in the process.

She should never settle for anything but what is best for her: From a young age make sure that your daughter is clear on what she needs. Gently but firmly make her understand the difference between needs and wants. Make each stage in life a journey of self discovery. This way your daughter will grow up knowing what she needs from life. Be accepting of her choices even if they do not meet your expectations. Support her make her own decisions and teach her that to get what she needs, she will have to give up some things. Make her understand that while God has bestowed her with the ability to procreate and give life, that is not what she is all about. She has a choice in this regard and she should make this choice with a lot of thought because having kids is not a decision to be taken lightly.

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When it comes to life lessons for  your daughter to know, we are sure you can come up with many profound points, but we are sure that the points given above cover a lot of ground.

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