What Happens When The Scorpio Man And The Gemini Woman Get Together?

When it comes to pairing of a couple there are many ways to go about checking on how compatible they are and they will be. One of the fun ways to do this is by checking what their zodiac signs are finding out how the combination works. Some combinations seem to make all sense in the world like the story of a Scorpio male and a Cancer female as both of them are water signs and the match seems pretty natural and logical. While some others like the pairing of the Scorpio man with that of the Gemini girl seems to be somewhat of a difficult idea from the very start.

scorpio man and gemini girl

Why? Because can you just imagine the steady and intense Scorpio male being happy with the ever changing and quicksilver like Gemini woman? The Scorpio man is famous for being single minded and the Gemini woman who is represented by the twins is known to be really quick in changing her mind all the time. At this point, itself you can see where we are heading with this article. Unless there are many areas that both are willing to give in and adjust to the needs of the other, the match is going to run into stormy waters. Nevertheless, for those who are on the sidelines watching the romance go about the not so merry path, this can be an interesting thing to watch.

What Happens When The Scorpio Man And The Gemini Woman Get Together?

The thing is that the Scorpio man and Gemini woman will have to be really committed and in love to work at this pairing so that it can work.

Here are some reasons why this pairing is so different and sometimes difficult:

Gemini the twin woman: The sign of Gemini is the sign of the twins, which means those under this zodiac sign are supposed to be of dual character. That is why the Gemini woman is one who will love you one minute and love something else the next. For her to be absolutely committed and loyal to you she has to be sure that her man is what she wants is the complete embodiment of everything she wants. The thing is the first meeting between her and the Scorpio male will have her hooked as he is mysterious and she loves mysteries. She will start to believe that he is the mate she is looking for however when she starts doing her usual stuff of going out and doing diverse things, she will start to feel the tug that the Scorpio male will exert. This side of the Scorpio male will put her off. She will not like the way he suspects her due to what he feels is her flighty nature. He is so intense that he wants to spend all his time with his ladylove and this will not sit with her independent nature. Sure, she loves him and loves being with him but she also likes her freedom and needs to be allowed to do what she wants. There are chances that she will start to feel fenced in once the initial times of being together are over and she feels the need to spread her wings.

couple arguing

Scorpio the intense man: There is no doubt that a Scorpio male in love is very intense and he is all out for falling and being in love. His intensity in this area will make him very possessive of her and he will also have the need to be around her all the time. He will not only show his intense love to her but will also expect her to do the same. A Gemini woman will love this in the start of the relationship and will reciprocate but with time this intensity may not be something that she can handle all the time. She will soon start feeling the need to be free and the Scorpio man may not like this and could put pressure on her to be near him and make her feel guilty. Once this happens, her usual response will be to escape this feeling and thereby her Scorpio lover. As soon as the Gemini woman learns to understand that, the Scorpio man is not controlling but wants her to want him as much as he does her, she will see his behavior what it is. It is actually hurt that is manifesting itself in all this controlling behavior. On the other hand, when the Scorpio man starts to realize that his ladylove does not want to be free of him but just needs her freedom once in a while he will also calm down. He will know that all this flighty behavior on her part does not mean that she does not love him but just that it is in her nature to be the way she is.

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They both will also have to work on tempering their natures to suit the other person’s. There is no doubt that a Scorpio man is passionate and his interest once shown to his beloved is very obvious, but this is not the case with the Gemini woman. She will be interested but the intensity of her interest will not match that of her Scorpio mate. Both have to work at having a middle ground for things to smoothen out and work. After all, air is known to make water stormy and water is known to make air heavier!

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