30 Funny Breakup Quotes For Boys And Girls

A breakup is not funny neither is it fun as it means the end of a relationship. This can never be easy no matter how shallow the relationship was to begin with. If the relationship was shallow then your ego is hurt and if the relationship was deeper one, then it is your heart that takes a beating. However, the advice to most young people is to seek those aspects of life that you must stay away if you seek happiness and if you still find yourself facing heartbreak, then it is better that you learn to see the funny side of this breakup.

This may not be easy or even simple to do, but we are sure that you can start by pretending to be happy with these funny breakup quotes and soon those false smiles will turn into real happiness. If you feel that there are not enough breakup quotes for both girls as well as boys, do not despair, here are some to make you smile if not laugh with joy:

Funny Breakup Quotes For Boys And Girls

break up

The end of a relationship is sure to make you sad, but when you think of the vast dating opportunities out there it is not that bad!

Variety, they is the spice of life and until you have variety, how will you know spice can be very nice?

If you can think of enough things that you dislike about your bitter half, then you would be saying good riddance and your breakup tears will become the new date dance!

Just think of all the things and people that you missed out on by being with your ex and then you will laugh at all that waits for you that is not so complex.

A dip in the pond is not enough to know all about the water, with this breakup you can take a dive in the dating pool.

They say it is not what you did in life but how you lived it and that applies to our love life too. It is not about who you are dating right now but about who else you can date.

The end of one relationship means a lot of rest and prepare for the next one which could be the best!

If eating the same food bores us to death, then why should dating the same person not?

Nobody ever said that you have to date the same person all the time what they mean is that you should date one person at a time.

When you are the end of your life, you will regret not having dated more people than your wife!

Every breakup in life is the path to date more people and makeup without any holdup.

When you breakup with someone then think of the fool you are leaving behind for all the fun ahead and you will not feel so sad.

As long as you are not playing football with others hearts, it is okay to play the field and that is what happens when you breakup with your sweetheart.

Just think of all the regrets that you are leaving behind along with the bitterness of your break and your heart will stop paining and ache.

Each breakup is like a rebirth and if you are able to come up new then you can have a lot more beau.

Normal can be boring and that is why you need to break away and go roaring.

Who wants a perfect relationship when you can have the thrill of all the imperfection from dating many?

Going steady is a mistake that every woman should make but once is all it should take.

Sometimes a person you are with can put you on a pedestal and while it is flattering it is lonely and quite unstable. Any opportunity to regain your balance should make you dance.

Listen to your brain, which is making it plain that pain has no gain all you need to do is smile and you will regain.


The breakup is like a flower that has dried out and it is something that is not going to recover because you have cried out.

Reach for the stars and the moon but do not let a breakup make you dull and down.

Some relationships can be more of a bond that you should not be fond. It is better to have loved and broken up than to be stuck in a bond.

Why think of anything as an end, why not let your broken heart get on the road to recovery and let it mend?

Don’t throw away your heart, let it grow even if you had to part from your sweetheart.

Sometimes it is better to be mean than to let yourself lean; let the past be lost and make the present a gift to yourself.

make up

A breakup means you can go without makeup, it means that instead of waiting you can always leave them panting.

Part not with your sense only for the breakup defense; if you do that then you will be doing yourself an offence.

Think not of endings when you part ways but as life as offering you more openings.

Every stage in life has a place and by letting your breakup become the most vital thing you are living in poor grace. Lift up your face and throw away the disgrace!

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