The Key To Health, Wealth And Happiness – An Amazing Secret Revealed

Have you ever come across a person who is happy, healthy and beautiful in the true sense of the word? We are sure that we all have someone like that in our lives and we often think that their happiness and beauty is owed to good luck. But it is not always true; there could be many other factors involved. I will share with you the amazing secret of what is the key to health, wealth and happiness and you will be stunned by what is revealed.

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This is actually the story of my grandmother who we have always admired. She was a beauty in her time and one could see traces of her beauty even now when she is in her eighties. She is comfortably off and enjoys remarkably good health for a person her age. During a recent family reunion we all started talking about her and the conclusion that all her grandchildren came to was that she must have a secret that made her so perfect in every way.

I and my cousins (all the grandchildren) decided to approach her and ask her what the secret was. On hearing out what we had to say, my grandmother simply smiled and looked serene. She said she was flattered that we thought she was beautiful and then she turned to all of us with that elegant demeanor and asked us to tell her what was so beautiful about her. For a minute we were all stunned and soon each of us came up with some feature or the other. She simply kept smiling and then asked each of us to write we thought was the feature that made her beautiful.

Once we had all finished putting in our inputs, she smiled and then turned to us and said that there was nothing remarkable about any of the features that we had written about. Actually when we read through our list we also realized that she was right. Then all of us had the same thought and the same time, then what is it that makes her so beautiful?

We turned to her, our faces agog with expectation. She smiled and simply said “I know you all love me and that is why you think that I am beautiful”. We all nodded but we also felt that she was beautiful. Then after a pause when we all accepted her premise and also protested that she was really beautiful, she continued “Okay, I will share the secret to my overall health, wealth and happiness. But you have to really have an open heart when I tell you. The key to health, wealth and beauty is your tongue”.

Once she said that, there was a major buzz with all of us getting confused and bewildered. Once we had all quieted down she continued and this is the essence of what she shared:

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Key to good health: The secret of the tongue being the key to health is really simple. What we eat is something that will dictate how good or bad our health is and this is definitely guided by the tongue. If we eat only those things that appeal to our tongue, there is a chance that our diet will not be good and this could result in poor health. If you are not healthy then this will take a toll on your looks. This is one of the ways the tongue rules our world.

Key to wealth: Often saying the wrong thing at the wrong time is what keeps us progressing in our jobs, our business and our personal lives. All these factors in some way or the other have an effect on our wealth. When you come to think of it, the tongue is also what rules this aspect of our lives.

Key to happiness: Your good health will give you the foundation to good looks and your progress in work and personal life is the foundation of wealth. Both these aspects of our lives are the ones that define our happiness and since these aspects are ruled by the tongue, the key to happiness also lies with our tongue.

Once she explained the whole thing, we all had a befuddled look on our faces. It was so simple and so obvious but still we did not realize it till she told us. At first the whole lot of us had that mocking and disbelieving expression on our face but soon the wisdom what she had said sunk in.

Then one of the cousins came up with the question of how to learn some tricks to keep your marriage fresh and happening. All my grandmother did once she heard this question was to look intently at my cousin who raised the question. It slowly sunk upon us that the simple solution that she had given to us about the rest of the things also applied to this too.

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Actually the import and weight of the simple truth she had revealed to us sunk into our brains in the days to come as we realized at how well she implemented the things she had said. My grandmother was known to eat everything offered to her but within limits. She always paused before saying anything and when she said something it was always full of meaning and put together in such a way that the other person did not get hurt. She was always good in her dealings with people with regard to money.

As the simple truth of what she had revealed to us sunk in, I knew I had to share it. After we all need, want and long to be happy, healthy and wealthy!

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