Ten Things To Do For Your Husband To Make Him Feel Special

Marriage is a relationship that works best when both the parties work at it and look for ways in which they can make the other feel good. Sometimes it is the role of the husband to do things that will make her feel good and sometimes it is the wife who has to do things that make him feel special. These small things also help along with the major stuff like mutual love, respect, regard and trust also help a lot in keeping the relationship going well.

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Also knowing the 15 aspects of life that you must keep away if you seek happiness will help in making the husband and wife feel good for each other. This post unlike many others will take up the perspective of the husband and the ways to make him feel good rather than focusing on the wife. Some of the things mentioned here may seem a tad old fashioned to most people, but it is these simple things that can make a big difference in making a relationship sweeter, deeper and longer lasting.

While this post does try to deal with the ways in which a wife can make her husband feel good, it is in no way to be taken as a hard and fast rule. It is something that has worked for many people but if you feel that what is given here does not fit into the kind of relationship or the life you have with your husband then you can simply not do the things that are mentioned here.

So here goes:

Show your admiration for him: One thing that every human likes is to be told that you like him or her. But if we are talking about your husband then telling you admire and why you admire him is definitely going to make him favorably inclined to you. But do ensure that you are sincere in whatever you say and soon you will see your investment in the relationship paying off.

Do not ask silly questions: We women often have this thing about always asking our husbands’ questions like what they are thinking. While this is understandably your way of showing concern, the male psyche may often perceive this as interference especially when they are in some kind of trouble, making it best to avoid such questions.

Never let him down in front of others: When you talk of your husband with his or your friends it is always prudent not to talk about his mistakes or criticize him. Just imagine how you would feel if he did that to you and you will see the sense in avoiding this.

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Try not to cut him: Often when you are having an argument with your husband, the temptation to tell him off can overcome you. But as you know that words once let out cannot be taken back. While the repercussions of such a thing may not be evident at once, it can come back to haunt you at another time. Plus reminding a man of his weakness when he already feels bad about it is not a great idea.

Do say sorry: If you have snapped at him for no reason or even taken out your bad mood for something else on your husband, it is good to apologize for this.

Be a good listener: Sometimes in the humdrum of life we can forget that it is not only important to say the right thing but also be a good listener. Sometimes you may have to do this even if the topic that your husband is talking about is not in your line of interest.

Do not treat a husband the way you would treat a dog: While many a time, men are compared to dogs it would be wrong to treat them like one. If you hold him on a leash then his inclination would be to break off and run away.

Do like him for what he is and don’t attempt to change things: Each person likes to be accepted for what they are and that is the case with your husband too. When you married him, you knew about what kind of person he was, then don’t you think it is unreasonable to expect him to change? Sometimes you may have changed but that does not mean he has to change too.

Let him have his own interests: This is one area that many wives tend to interfere with bad results. Why not let your husband have his own interests even if they are not your own? This way you can have some time for yourself and to follow your own interests. As long as he is not into something that is harmful it makes sense to give your husband his own space.

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Try not to make fun of his sports team: In case your husband is interested in some sports team, which he is mostly likely to be, try not to ridicule his team. This will make him feel resentful of you.

In a relationship, it is sometimes possible that you move too closely and this could result in smothering. This is something that every spouse whether it is a man or woman to avoid if they want to keep their relationship on an even keel.

Sometimes the best way to get your man’s attention is to be a complete person all on your own. This way the time you spend together would be due to choice not because you have forced him to. Another factor that you always have to consider is that when you are not perfect, it would not be fair to expect your husband to be perfect either. So, enjoy him the way he is instead of trying to change him into your idea of an ideal husband. Believe me, you will not at all like if somebody told you that you are not perfect for him as you are.

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