The Story of A Scorpio Male and A Cancer Female

Are you the type who lives your life by the zodiac signs?  Well, we all know that in spite of the many modern developments that are happening around us, many people do like to look at what the zodiac signs mean and what they predict. But with many people having a modern way of thinking, it is also equally true that many people read about zodiac signs and predictions with a lot of disbelief or with the express intention of making fun of such things. There are others who are pretty much indifferent to such things. The case in point I am talking about right now is the story of two friends; she (Julie) is a Cancer and he (Garth) is a Scorpio.

cute couple

The Story of A Scorpio Male and A Cancer Female

She is cute and he is hot but that is beside the point, the way their story unfolded will leave you smiling, laughing, sympathizing and even relating to some of the things that happened to them.

First of all when they met: If you know cancer women, then you would know that they come across as shy by nature so far as to even avoid eye contact and the typical Scorpio male is known to be have a very sharp and intent stare. When they met she was all aloof and shy while he stared as if he could not get enough of her. For those of us who were part of the audience, it was very obvious and amusing to watch.

Then they started dating:  There is no stopping true love and that is what helped this strong and silent Scorpio man to break his intense silence and for this shy Cancer lady to break out of her reserve and start dating. But it was so much fun for the rest of us to watch the reserved but passionate Scorpio man dealing with the moody and emotional Cancer woman. Julie would have mood swings that would range from the intently humorous and the really weep. Garth tried hard to hold on to his reserve but he was no match for the onslaught of the mood swings of his lover girl.

Declarations of love: You have to picture this to realize how funny this was. The all-pervasive and encompassing love of the cancer girl trying to cut through the intense and passionate love of the Scorpio man. Julie would go all overboard and emotional while talking about her love for Garth. And what was Garth’s response. A long and intense stare (Scorpios tend to do that) and then hug her passionately close while declaring his love for her with just a few short words. But you could feel the passion and love in those few words.

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