15 Aspects Of Life That You Must Stay Away If You Seek Happiness

When you ask somebody what their goal in life is they will come up with many things but you know who gave me the right answer?  A seven year old! He told me his goal in life was to be happy all his life. I am sure there is some great man out there who may have said this but the words coming out of a small boy’s mouth had me thinking. What I am about to share with you may not really feature in the list of all things that successful people do, but this list is close enough.

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I gave it a lot of thought and this is the list of things that I felt that people who are seeking happiness should stay away from:

Make others feel that you are right always: Have you ever seen the look on a person’s face when you rub the fact that you are right in their face? It is awful. Whenever you are right and you feel the urge to rub it in others’ face, just consider this; is it worth losing the regard the other person has for you?

Being a control freak: People who think that they are in control and feel that being in control is a sign of strength could not be more mistaken. It takes a lot more strength to let things go. Plus, the fact is we are never in control and if we want to be happy then it is better to give up the need to control things, people and events.

Blaming other people: A true sign of a person’s failure is when he or she starts blaming others that didn’t come through for him. As long as a person who has failed in something is not blaming others for this, he or she has a chance at redemption.

Putting oneself down: You are what you tell yourself you are and this is because the mind is a powerful instrument and by putting yourself down you are only programming yourself for failure. Why would anyone want to do that?

Having beliefs that limit you: One has to expand the mind, so that you can go further than you ever did. It is only when person limits himself or herself by their beliefs, do they face defeat.

Continue cribbing: The thing about cribbing and complaining is that as disgusting a habit it is, it is very addictive and this can be something that will stop you from appreciating anything of beauty around you.

Indulging in criticism: It is a fact that when you criticize others, you fail to work at improving yourself and this is something that cannot be ignored. So consider criticizing others a luxury that you can never afford.

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Trying to impress other people: If you are trying your best to create an impression on others, this means that you are still in a position of weakness. Instead let them do their best to impress you.

Resisting change: The definition of life is change and if you fail to embrace it then you are letting go of a large and very lovely chunk of what life is all about. Once you have learned not to resist change, then your life will become easier and better for you.

Labeling things: When you label something and fail to accept it due to this very label, then you are limiting yourself. Do not let your mind become narrow as this will ensure that your world is narrow too.

Hold on to your fears: Holding on to your fears only means that you are feeding them and letting them grow. The best thing you can do for yourself is letting your fears go and embracing the courage that each of us has in our inner selves.

Making excuses: People start failing when they start making excuses and this is something that is avoided at all costs. Once you stop making excuses you will find that doors of opportunity will open for you.

Holding on to the past: Past is a heavy luggage that will only weigh you down and by holding on to it you are only increasing already overburdened psyches. Only when you start letting go of the past will you realize what a big burden it was.

Being attached: Once you are going to get attached to too many things you will find yourself getting mired into a quagmire of things that is not easy to pull yourself out of. Do give up attachments so that nothing holds you down.

Making your life as per others’ expectations: It is your life, you have to live it and that is why the way you shape your life should be according to your own expectations not that of others. In any case people’s expectations of you are what you expect them to expect of you.

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When you read the above list, you may think that doing all these things may be tough but the fact is once you get down to the real goal of your life which is being happy always, doing these things will become really easy. Life is all about making things simple and enjoying it in all its glorious simplicity.

In fact, when you look at people who are the happiest, you will find that they have not only inculcated all these things into their life but also made it their life itself.

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