Interpret You Dreams Based On The Places Your Dreams Are About

When you slip into a sleep state and your dreams start, you may discover that you are in places that seem strange or at least unusual. It could be that you have gone back to a house or place that was part of your early life or a place that is totally strange to you. You may find that in your dreams you are in a forest or in the middle of a water body.


You may wake wondering about why are dreaming about a particular place? You may wonder what it does mean.  You may wonder about the fact that you saw a beach when it is winter and you were not even thinking about it. Then why did you dream about it.

The fact is that the subconscious part of your mind does not know how to put things in words. What it does is convey what it wants to in the form of symbols and the subconscious is active when we dream. Dreaming of a beach can mean the glory of sun, summer and the time for fun.  The thing is a person who lives in a cold area and is really hard at work, may long secretly about getting away to a nice warm place for a holiday and this could manifest itself in the form of beaches in the dream.

Homes: Having the home of your growing years in your dream is a very common occurrence and it usually means a feeling of security and love. Houses that are part of childhood and being a child yourself in the dream means innocent and childlike thoughts and the soothing feeling of someone caring for you. When taken negatively, it means you are feeling lonely or neglected at that point of time. It also shows your longing for the feeling of security that you had when you were a child.


When you see a house that is in the process of being constructed, this means you are thinking of improving yourself. Or a house being under demolition would mean that some particular event or thing in your life is coming to conclusion. Seeing a house that you occupied earlier on means that you are thinking about beliefs or ideas that you had stopped thinking about earlier.

A new home in the dream means the beginning of new things and an old home means values that are old fashioned. Seeing some other person’s home means an extension of your belief system that you may not be aware that you want to adopt. Coming across a residence that you do not recognize means skills or facets of yourself that you may not realize that you have.

Rooms in dream:

  • An attic means higher levels of yourself and your mind
  • A basement is the lower levels of your subconscious mind
  • A bathroom means a place that you need to eliminate something that is not useful anymore.
  • A bedroom can either a place to take rest or have sex or may indicate intimacy or even marriage.
  • A dining room means a place for the whole family to get together to eat and talk. It could literally mean food for thought.
  • A family room symbolizes family values, affection and a feeling of security
  • A kitchen could mean the hub of things where people gather to prepare
  • A living room signifies what you believe and your ideas about self. The furniture that comes in the living room can give you more indications about what it means. Lovely and new furniture could mean a more upbeat attitude. While shabby looking or decrepit furniture could indicate dissatisfaction and negativity.
  • A laundry room means a place for cleansing and making things fresher.
  • A nursery would mean the place for a new project or a place where things and people are nurtured
  • An office means a place for thoughts, planning and proper organization to make things happen


What different types of buildings in dreams mean?

  • An airport could mean that you are going from one point to another, either arriving or leaving or could mean travel
  • A bank is about material aspect of things like loans, investments or savings among other things
  • A castle is representative of the finer things that are part of life’s dreams and about longings probably being realized
  • A religious place like a temple or church or any other religious place is representative of your beliefs and ideals. In case you are not really religious it could symbolize older beliefs that you no longer believe in.
  • A courthouse is representative of justice and things being fair
  • A hospital could mean many things  including death, birth, healing and also transformation. It could also be taken as a warning for your health
  • A jail could mean feeling trapped and closed in
  • A library could signify learning and information
  • A museum is significant of rare and cherished memories
  • A nursing home signifies one’s belief that one cannot take care of oneself and the need for  outside help
  • A post office signifies sending and getting messages as well as telepathic communication
  • A restaurant means the making of choices from a menu of many
  • A school is about improving oneself and gaining knowledge
  • A shop can mean the lack of you not having your needs (physical, mental or emotional) being met with

Being outdoors in your dream: Being out in natural environments could mean your spiritual side. Getting up on a mountain could mean getting closer to the almighty. Or fishing could looking for food in the spiritual sense and a boat ride could mean a journey in the spiritual sense.

An ocean could be representative of your moods, the psychic part of your mind and your emotions. Tidal waves are meant to be mood swings , clear tranquil waters could mean calm.  Unclear waters can signify the troubles in your life.

Being in a forest in the dream could mean that you want to go back to nature. In the dream a forest could mean mystic things and the spiritual side. While a garden in the dream means beauty and peace. A lot of flowers would mean prosperity. A graveyard could mean a place for resting finally or the fear of things we don’t know about or some kind of mourning for something.

Dreams can be strange and sometimes a portent for things to come. It could be just a way your subconscious is trying to tell you about that you may not grasp in your waking hours.

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