69 Cute Romantic Things To Say to Your Girlfriend

If you are one of those dudes that have found a girl he always dreamt of, then the best thing you can do is hold on to her. To do this you need to woo her, charm her and keep her wanting to spend more time with you. Yes, gifts, chocolates and flowers will definitely work but you can do even more. What? You ask; well you can tell her sweet things that will make her feel good blush and then hug you. That is what we all long for  – the affections of that special girl.

Well, it goes without saying that we are not all born to be poets but do not despair as help is close at hand. You can look through some clichés, sayings, poems and quotations and then by adding a few personal touches, present it to your lady love for her to gaze adoringly at you. Not only will you get a reputation as an enviable boyfriend to have among the girls, the guys will also be vying to know what your secret is all about.

We have given you plenty of good lines to use when you want your girlfriend to feel special but that is not all; we also give you some tips on doing it right. One of the main things that you have remember when you utter these romantic words is that you have to look deep into her eyes. Do make sure that you keep the eye contact deep and sincere rather than creepy. It would also help if you really meant them from the bottom of the heart rather than just mouthing the words. Another factor that could help is also holding on to her hand when you say these words to her.

All this by simply borrowing a few cute and sweet quotations and presenting them to your lovely girlfriend. Here are some you can use:
Cute Romantic Things To Say to Your Girlfriend-3

Cute Romantic Things To Say to Your Girlfriend

    • You make me believe in soul mates.
    • If I could I would hold you in my arms for all eternity so that I never have to sleep alone
    • You give meaning to my life.
    • When I look at you I know how birds feel as they soar in the sky; you make me feel high
    • I can’t imagine my life without you in it.
    • I am going to request the all powers in the language world to have the letter x removed as I never want to be your ex
    • How do you look so beautiful all the time?
    • I never feel the need to watch the sun rise as seeing you smile feels more beautiful and brighter than any sunrise
    • You make me feel so lucky when I am around you.
    • Now that I have met you I wish we could become immortal so that we can be together for all eternity

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