How Act of Kindness Has The Power To Transform Your Life

One can read about so many acts of kindness that you will find yourself touched.  When you read the acts of kindness that people have done, you will come to the realization that maybe it is not really the big things that matter but the smaller things that happen on a daily basis that makes us feel warm inside. It has been said that one should make a habit of saying three nice things to three different people on a daily basis. This may not be that hard to do but it will make all those people feel happier.

Not only is being kind for the person for whom you are doing the deed, but it will also make you feel better about yourself. One of the things that has been said about kindness is that when the almighty meets you he is not going to be interested in what vehicle you had but rather the number of people you drove around in it.


Defining kindness: Kindness has been defined as doing something kind or a state of being affectionate towards someone. The other ways to define kindness can be by using words that are similar like pampering, cosseting, cherishing, spoiling or even fussing over someone.

Kind acts involving money: You may not be endowed with wealth but you can do something for others, small as it maybe. Like offering food to the hungry or giving away clothing for those who need it. Your acts of kindness could take on the ways in which you add to the ease of life for your children and their children.

Kind acts that are simple: Sometimes the simplest things that you do without thinking can make a lot of difference. You can start with asking your family and friends with a warm smile and genuine concern.  The best way to go about this is to treat people the way you would like to be treated. It would be simple enough when you are out and about to be polite, kind and warm to people you encounter like cashiers at shops or tellers at the bank. It could also be something as simple as being tolerant and considerate of others on the road as you drive.

This does not mean that you have to become a paragon of virtue without any faults. That would not be possible for anyone to pull off but one can do all things possible to make the world a better place.

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It has been said that even the smallest bit of kindness that you show will not go waste.

Being grateful: One would be kind to oneself if only we noticed the bounty of nature around us like the lovely sky or the birds in sky or the flowers that bloom. You should take the time to appreciate all the good things like the people who love us and also for the good health that we enjoy. You also need to be look at people who are less fortunate than you are and offer prayers of thanks for the blessings that you do have as well as pray for those who don’t have your blessings.

Little acts to show kindness: Even small things like holding the lift for someone or even holding a door open accompanied by a warm smile can be construed as an act of kindness. These acts of kindness need to be carried out without regard to what race or social strata that the person belongs to. The world can only change and become a better place when you start doing kind acts starting literally from your neighborhood.  Giving away food that you have no use for can also be an act of kindness. Alternatively, providing sustenance to people who are going through a tough time in life is also an act of kindness.

It has been said that sometimes when you have kind to someone you do not know, you have helped an angel without even knowing it.

Kind acts that are not planned: Some acts of kindness come at you randomly and this can leave you feeling really good and very grateful for them. This happens to everyone; they are going through a very difficult time and some stranger does something kind for them. It could be as simple as offering to take payment from you a little later than usual or someone offering to pay for a meal or a friendly neighbor who will help change your car tires.

In conclusion:  It is upon each person to think about and figure the way they want to live and what we can do to help other people. Some people work hard on leaving a legacy of good deeds for the future generations to come. Many a time people are kind without even realizing that they are doing something nice. However, the point is to become more aware of what we are doing and this way we will be more aware of how what we do affects others. This way we will keep away from doing things that hurt others even inadvertently and strive to do things that are kind.

The one thing you can do to ensure that you are doing kind acts is take a good look at your life and figure out what you can do better. This need not be something that will put you out, but it could be something as simple as a small tweak that will benefit others. After all, we ourselves have benefitted from the kind acts of people we know and also strangers.

Here are some questions that you need to ask yourselves to know where you stand:

  • Does doing kind acts for strangers come naturally to you?
  • Do you only help someone when you can or go out of the way to do them?
  • Are you in the habit of doing acts of kindness that you are not even aware of doing?
  • Are you in the habit of doing kind acts for people only in your immediate circle of family and friends?
  • Do you feel that you just do not have the time to do kind acts?

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