Having A Life Partner For Long-Term Companionship – The Advantages!

It goes right back to the time when god himself is supposed to have said that a man is not supposed to be by himself and that is why a mate was created for him. Like it was said in the book of Genesis, we as human beings are not supposed to be spending our lives alone. We need to interact and build relationships with others, both on a social and personal level.

That is why it is good for people to have a life partner to live together in peace, sharing all the important things of life. It does feel good to know that you have someone who will be there for you to celebrate when things are good and for comfort when they are not.

But often, you will find that the challenges and the niggles of being together makes couples doubt the wisdom of  being together long term. Especially more so when the irritations seem to weigh heavily and people start seeing only the disadvantages and question the benefits of a long-term relationship.


But let us consider all the aspects of a relationship to decide whether it is a good thing or not.

A partner for life – what are the advantages?

While some may see the disadvantages and irritants of being a relationship as big thing , but one thing that you are not considering is the reason that you became a couple in the first place. That of having a partnership that is long term and someone to give you company and comfort you as you grow older.

Here are some traits that make a long-term relationship become stronger. Each of the traits has a benefit that will remind you how good it is to have a partner for life.

  • Having talks that have a history: Talking and communication is the cornerstone on which a good relationship is built. Being able to share your thoughts and being good listener is what makes having a companion so much fun. Sometimes communications are so good between a couple is so good that they can read each others’ thoughts without even talking.
  • Shared laughs: It can be a good thing to be able to laugh and share private jokes with someone you are comfortable with.  It is one of the things that make being in a good relationship so much fun. Yes, you do have to go through some tough times together, but it is the shared laughter that makes things so warm and joyful
  • Comfort of knowing someone is there for you: When it comes to tough times and difficulties, the one thing that can bring a lot of comfort to you is knowing that there is someone there for you. It is good to know that there is one person who will not let you down no matter how difficult things get to be. It is all about friendship and security.
  • Being there for you through good and bad: The longevity of a relationship means having shared all sorts of experiences with each other and this brings you closer. Sometimes going through a crisis can bring a couple much closer and they value the support that one has offered the other.
  • Lean on my shoulder during tough times: When you go through life you are bound to come across some situations that make you feel really vulnerable At such times you need someone close and non-judgmental in your life who will let you open up and let you be yourself. It is that shoulder to lean on that we all long for and this person can be your own life partner. It means that you can trust this person with your innermost thoughts without worrying that they will not mock you.
  • Sharing all responsibilities and finances: When two people take on all the aspects of running a home together, there comes the matter of sharing everything like the finances and responsibilities. Apart from the finances and the workload, couples also share the joys and responsibilities of parenthood together. It is nice to know that not all decisions of your life have to be taken by yourself and that there is someone else who is there with you on this journey where there are   no certainties. It also means that you get to share the financial responsibilities.
  • Being there for each other through health problems: As you grow older, health also becomes an important consideration. When you are in committed and loving relationship, you know that the other person will take care of you when you are feeling below par. In case you have an emergency, then it is good to know that you have a partner who will take care of you.
  • Praying and  sharing your faith: Faith and a shared set of beliefs make the couple closer and also stronger together. There are many events in life when you feel the need for someone to believe in you and your faith and join hands with you in prayer. Not only does this bring the couple closer but also establishes a community feeling with the religious organization that you are affiliated to.
  • A feeling of trust due to intimate familiarity: When you know your partner almost as well as you know yourself, this creates a special feeling of intimacy. The bond is so good and special that it is almost sacred. This sort of intimacy not only translates to a good physical and emotional connection it also strengthens your sexual bond with each other.
  • Shared past:  Having a shared past where you have grown closer as a couple as well as seen a lot of growth individually, means that you have a lot of memories that you share. Things like having a song that you both adore or a movie that you have enjoyed watching together or a book that you read together can make you feel better and closer. Sometimes just talking about these things can put a smile on the couple’s faces.

Why having a companion to share things with is good for your health and other things? There have been studies that point out that the chances of people who have made it together as a couple have the higher chances of enjoying happiness and health. But the thing is that having a successful and continued connection with another person takes a lot of effort and energy and if you are ready to invest yourself towards this along with the efforts of your partner, the results are worth it.

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