What Happens When A Scorpio Male Falls In Love

The people who believe in zodiac signs, a Scorpio man and that too one in love would be somewhat of a curiosity. In the sense that Scorpios are normally known to be that extra bit possessive, jealous and controlling. The fact is that a Scorpio man is not an average man. He tends to be somewhat deceptive in the sense that though he seems calm enough outside, he is a mass of seething emotions from within.

The first thing you have to realize before you even start thinking about what happens when Scorpio male falls in love, is finding whether he is in love is difficult.

But here are some signs that you can recognize that will show you what happens when Scorpio male falls in love:

He can hide his devotion behind a screen of sarcasm: The one thing that you have to realize about the Scorpio male is that his show of confidence hides a deep fear of being betrayed. Once he falls for you, he is going to be passionate sure, but he is also going to be a bit cutting with his tongue if he even feels that you do not reciprocate his passion. Do not bow down to his sarcasm and give back as good as you get so that you earn his respect.

He will stare more than is comfortable: The sun sign Scorpio is known for having a sharp and searching stare even during normal times. Now that he is in love, he will want to look at you at all times. He is going to be possessive, almost obsessively so. You will have to ensure that you love him too but without becoming too submissive about it. Tell him that trust is a two-way street and that both of you need to work on it. For a relationship to work between a Scorpio man and his mate, both of you need to know that each of you are good on your own as well as together.

He may seem to want to be passionate all the time: Yes, passion is something that you have to come to accept when it comes a Scorpio mate. He is going to be more physical than ever and you need to accept that this is one of the ways he shows his love for you. However, hold your own and show him how much he means to you in all your encounters; physical and otherwise. This is important to you, him, and the relationship. You will realize that he is no prude and will not judge you for any of the things you desire.

He may get angry when he shows his vulnerabilities to you: Nobody likes their weaknesses to others, even their loved ones. However, a Scorpio male would be even worse in his attitude when it comes to exposing his vulnerabilities to you. He knows that falling in love with you opens him up to letting all his defenses down. Even though his rational mind is aware of this, he may lash out at you when he is forced to show his vulnerability to you. You will once again need to be firm but loving with him when you deal with this situation.

If you come across a man sitting in one corner keeping a keen eye on what everyone is doing and saying, the likelihood of his being a Scorpio man is pretty high. It is not that he doesn’t like to be social but that he likes to be private even when he is part of a social gathering. Another surefire way to identify a Scorpio man is to bring up the subject of occult and you can see a strong reaction indeed. It can be that he is totally into it or thinks that the whole thing is just something absurd. Either way the reaction that a Scorpio man will have to this subject will not be lukewarm.

In fact you will see that a Scorpio man will have some knowledge of most subjects and he will not be shy about expressing them. Another way you can go about identifying a Scorpio man is by looking into the eyes and if you feel that the man is looking deep into your innermost being, then it is likely that he is a Scorpio man.

Another important factor that you have to know about the Scorpio male when he is in love is that he will never feel anything as halfhearted as a mild attraction. It has to be an all or nothing when it comes to Scorpio men and this is while flattering can be overwhelming for most women. If you try to make him jealous (he already is possessive and jealous), he will be most likely to see through your ruse. That is one more thing that you have to remember about the Scorpio male; it is that his sharp gaze can cut through any pretenses you may have. So do not even try to play mind games with him; he is the ultimate champion at it.

When a Scorpio man is in love:  There are many opinions about the way a Scorpio man starts behaving when he is in love. The fact is that Scorpio males are pretty good at flirting with you but they take their own time falling in love. You need to be clear on this as often you may think that the flirting means more than what it is. A typical Scorpio guy will fall in love with women who seem to have an extra air of mystery or femininity about them.

Scorpio Male

So assuming that a Scorpio man does fall in love, then what happens? In case a Scorpio male does fall for a woman, then he is not going to be half hearted about it. The first thing that you will notice is that he will go out of his way to do things for the one he is in love with. This may seem like something that all males do but the thing about a Scorpio man is that he will tend to become very possessive of the woman he is in love with.

He will start putting together a net around the woman and even turn a bit manipulative if he feels that the woman is not responding to him as he thought she would. The thing is that a Scorpio male will go all out to ensure that the woman he loves becomes his and remains that way.

How does a Scorpio male in love, express his feelings? This may be more of a complicated question than you thought. This is because the Scorpio man in love could fall into two categories. One of them being the kind which is really reticent about expressing his feelings and the other being the kind who will go all out in expressing the way he feels.

Those who fall into the first category is because most people who come under the Scorpio sun sign may hate the fact that he is baring his inner self to someone. He may hate that feeling of losing something of himself. But this does not mean that he is selfish; it is just that he has found his mate and wants to make sure that he does not lose her.

Another remarkable thing about the Scorpio male is that most of their life is about battles and they like to win no matter what. In case a woman turns around and turns them down, the Scorpio male cannot handle the rejection.  You have to remember that a Scorpio male does not fall in love lightly.

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