The kind of men you will meet on sites for online dating

The first thing to remember that the world is full of all types of people. Dating online is a great way for people to get together, especially knowing that they have no other way of getting together. Looking at some of the successes, you can see that it really works. But this articles is not entirely about the positive aspects of online dating. The thing is that article will take you through all the guys that you will meet while on online dating websites and this means some of them are not going to be great. It is simple enough to see why they picked up this mode as they may have apprehensions doing this offline as the lines they use can be really cheesy and they are likely to get slapped using them.

This does not mean that we are totally against such sites. It is just that we would like to warn you about some of the weird type of guys that you are likely to run into on such sites. Here we have taken things from a female’s point of view.

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The maybe serial killer: On every site for dating, there is going to be some creepy dude waiting out there. These dudes look as if they may have a body or two buried at home or even killed a pet or two. The pic they have posted may look like they are posing for a mug shot. This guy should be the one to avoid.

The dude with the foot fetish: These guys are all over the online realm and while the love of feet is not such a harmful thing it can become a bit of a hassle. Especially when the guy in question is talking about it and making things uncomfortable. If you are not into feet yourself then it is best to avoid this guy.

Gay and doesn’t want to admit it: This is somewhat of a complex subject and though we don’t want to get into muddy waters, we all know the type is out there. Though we women all like the gay guy and would like to spend time with him, he is not the one for dating. More so when he is so obviously so much into denying that he is gay. He is into the same things you are but you know it is not going to work.

The one who hugs:  He is another one of the stereotype who spends time on these sites. He likes to be friendly and is really affectionate. You can see pictures of him hugging his sisters, his mother, his friends and probably almost any other girl he comes across. The thing is all this hugging can leave you feeling that you are not all that special.

The guy who is into games: This is the guy who sits around in the basement and plays too many video games. He would like to meet the girl who will hang out with him and play games with him. So if  this guy is into online dating it is not for the purpose of going out; you can’t expect him to leave his computer to go out on a date.

The guy with the football jersey: This is the guy that comes out to the dating site in the months of September or October but he will turn into a rabid football jersey guy in the fall and leaving you feeling abandoned. His love of the game will be obvious in the photos that he has on. He has delusions about being part of the game though all he does is sit on the couch getting fat while watching the game.

The guy who can come across as too aggressive: The thing is too many guys in the online dating arena come across as this guy. These guys use this means to meet a woman but think that they should meet as many as possible in a really short time.  It is almost like they are into some speed shopping kind of thing, except that they are talking about women here and it does not quite work that way. This guy will expect you to respond immediately when he gets in touch with you and then this turns hostile and aggressive in all his communications.

As you can see though the online dating services can offer you many interesting options, there are also some losers out there. You need to take a humorous and sensible approach to this whole thing.  You may also come across some categories that make you smile or even share a giggle with your friends. But if you are the kind who wants to seek a mate through online dating sites, then we are sure you are a tough gal and can field most of these things with a smile on your face and that is the only way to go.


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