5 Leading problems related to age and how to manage them

While old age is called the golden age, it also depends on how you are able to deal with it. Like a wise man once said that the secret of being smart about your age is to carry the childish spirit on to your older age by never losing your enthusiasm.

Many times old people feel that their offspring do not care for them. And that they feel lonely and abandoned by their children. Before we go into the depths of this problem, let us look at some of the common problems that people of an older age face. Older people have to start accepting that aging is a fact of life. But it is also the time where they feel vulnerable as they feel uncertain about all the things they are going through.

Issues related to health: It is a fact that as you age, your body starts to show the effects of passing age. You feel less energetic and things tend to slow down and problems crop up more frequently. When there is a health issue, then money can become a worry.

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Solution for this: You have to remember that you body will age and take good care of it from a younger age. Apart from a healthy lifestyle of good food, plenty of exercise and sound rest, you also need to provide for medical insurance to ensure finance is not an issue.

Feeling lonely: When you see old people facing loneliness as their offspring move away to take care of their own lives, it can be really disheartening. You would feel very horrible about yourself and start feeling that nobody cares.

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Solution for this: Loneliness has something to do with the way you feel. You should stop relying on others to keep you cheerful. In case you feel your kids should care for you and they do not, there is no reason to feel bad. It is the order of things. What you should do is focus and mingle with people who are of your age and share your interests. This way you have company of the kind you enjoy.

A life where not many care: It is natural to expect your kids to care for you and show it too. When your kids do not meet your expectations, you feel as if no one cares. And after a life of caring for them, this can feel really bad.

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Solution for this: The first thing to remember that your happiness depends on you and not your kids. Just think about it; when you were younger you wanted to live your life in the present and the future and not the past. The same thing applies to your kids too. So make a list of things that you always wanted to try and do these things with your spouse and/or friends. This way your life will feel fulfilling.

Ennui and feeling boredom: Not having things that you enjoy to do is generally the reason for this. Most people tend to focus on the fact that they are near their end and stop doing things that they enjoy.

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Solution for this: To ensure this does not happen, stop thinking of your demise and try and make the most of your life. Enjoy things like reading, joking around and doing fun things. While you may not be able to do all things that you could do at a younger age, there are still many fun things to do to ensure that you have a good time. Looking nice and spiffy can be the first step in this direction.

Money based issues: The fact is money or lack of it is a really upsetting problem as you age. Not having money not only affects your spending power but also make you feel low. It can really feel bad when you have to depend on others for your money needs.

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Solution for this: You should provide for your old age right in your youth. Avoid spending money on frivolous stuff so that you can provide for yourself in your advancing age. It can really add to your feeling of well being and confidence when you have some money stashed away.

In conclusion we can say while old age is not as much fun as your youth, it can be a good time if you know how to deal with it. The first thing you need to start doing is think of yourself as a vital person who is still useful and interesting. Once you change your mindset, then you will start realizing that being old can have a lot of advantages and you will enjoy it a lot more. You can still retain a younger way of thinking and vitality in your advanced ages to have a better life.

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