10 Tips to get your Ex- Girlfriend Back

So the thing is that your girlfriend left you, now what do you do? Here are some ten tips on what you can do to get her back. But the first thing that you should know is that these tips are to be by no means taken as a sure thing. But you can still try all the things mentioned here since you are feeling bad about the breakup and that too with someone you like such a lot. These tips can even help you recover your equanimity if not recover your girlfriend.

Remember not to panic: The first thing to remember is not to panic which is an error that many men do in this situation, By losing your cool you will only show your girlfriend that she did the right thing by breaking up with you. If you have done something awful to make her break up with you, then you have to start acknowledging that and probably accept that. If not then you have to think of what happened to make her do what she did. Instead of boring people with your sob story or dumping her with messages and calls, take a break and do something new and interesting.  This way she will see the good and confident side of you and probably consider the whole thing again.

Do the right thing: Don’t ever spend time wondering what she is up to. There is no point to that. If she calls, try and talk to her politely but without showing your desperation. It is hard for anyone to deal with a partner who will not let go; don’t be that person.

Take a good look at the situation: Step back and distance yourself from the whole relationship so that you can realistically take a look at what happened. This way you will know whether things were going good with the both of you. What did others feel about you? Where they stunned that you guys broke up? If yes, then ask them why they felt that way. Once you have gotten things straight in your own head, you could probably sit her down and have a nice logical talk with her about what went wrong.

In case she already has someone else: It is possible that your girlfriend may have found someone else after breaking up with you. In this case you need to accept that things are over and move on. But sometimes people get together with someone else on the rebound.  In that case, she may soon realize that she still has feelings for you and you will need to be patient. But ensure that you are not being used by being too open in showing your desperation. On the other hand if you find that she like someone else while being with you, then you need to examine what went wrong for that to happen and whether you really want to be with her.

Persist: When it comes to dating you will find that being persistent does pay. If you are ready to wait it out, then the chances are that you will get what you want, even if you have wronged her. But the point is how long should you wait? If you are that involved emotionally then there is no set time for you to wait. But do ensure that you do not overdo it and spoil the balance of the relationship where you are the only one doing things. You need to make her feel that you want her but she is not strictly a need.

Getting back at her: Revenge is something that you should not even consider as it is a waste of time and there is nothing to be gained by doing that. So keep this negative out of the whole thing.

Be calm: While waiting is good showing desperation and letting her know how available you are is not the right thing to do. When she calls, hold off answering her for a couple of moments and then answer her calmly. Be polite and end the conversation within reasonable time. Make it look as if you have plans to let her know that you are living a complete life even without her.

Jealous feelings: Jealousy is something everyone handles in a different way and women are prone to be curious if you have picked someone over them. To make her jealous, you can show her how popular you are with other women in a situation where you are likely to be flattered by attention from females. But do not go overboard by overlooking her and flirting with others in front of her. If you do run into her when she is on a date then be courteous and leave after a brief conversation.

Reminisce about pleasant times: If you have not reacted badly and are still in conversation, give her gentle reminders about the shared good times, make her laugh and kindle good memories.

Manipulate: The fact is that though people do not admit it most of them are open to manipulation to some extent or other. You can pretend to be in a certain way and get someone back, but doing this can be tiring. Plus you do not want to be with someone who does not really want to be with you. So if you realize that manipulation is the only way to get her back, then she is not the one for you.

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