The Mysteries Of The Wedding Ring

Have you ever pondered why the wedding ring is precisely placed on the fourth finger and not on any other finger?

There are many explanations to this with each culture bringing their own take into the mix. It will be interesting to see what they have to say. After all we have been following this tradition for ages with nary a thought to the why and what of it.

Here comes the way the Chinese explain it: As Chinese are wont to do they have a rather beautiful one and it seems convincing too. According to their story –

The Mysteries Of The Wedding Ring

They ask you to take a look at your left hand, the actual hand that holds the wedding band. Can you spot the thumb? It is the thumb that denotes your parents. Now take a peek at your index finger  or the first finger which is supposed to denote your siblings. The third finger also the center finger is the one that means you and your individual self. The fourth finger is supposed to denote your partner in life and the smallest finger or the pinkie as it is lovingly called is the offspring you will have.

The thing is when you put both the hands together and bend the middle fingers at the same time but leave the other fingers touching each other, they represent something special.

You see, when you pull the thumbs apart, they will go apart as you are not meant to stay with your parents (which the thumb represents) for the rest of your life. It is true that parents will leave your life one day or the other. Now get the thumbs back as they were.

Now do the same thing with the index fingers which are meant to denote the siblings. These two also you will be able to separate as your siblings will be with you till you all grow up and then they will move on to have their own families. That is the way it is for you and your brothers and sisters. Now join the fingers back together.

It is time to move on to the little fingers or the pinkies that represent your offspring to be. You will find that these fingers too can be separated and it goes with what they are meant to represent – your children will grow up and have their own families as you are probably doing right now. Now join the fingers back together.

Now we can focus on the ring finger which is the finger to denote your partner for life. You will find that separating them like you did the other fingers is not possible. This is because the law of life dictates that you are meant to with your partner for life for the rest of both your lives. This is the person who will spend his or her life with you unlike the parents, the siblings and the offspring even though all these people are part of your life by blood ties.

How the Roman explain it: As per the Roman way of thinking, the wedding ring is placed on the fourth finger on the left hand due to one important reason. There is a vein in the fourth ringer in the left hand, which is called vena amoris. What makes this vein so special is that in directly goes to the heart. Which is always believed to be the seat of love and other such softer emotions.

When you listen to both these explanations, it does make a kind of sense. Though we have been following these traditions, it does feel nice to know that there is some reason for this.


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