How To Get The Best Revenge On Someone Who Wronged You

Revenge can cost you: Many people do quite a bit to get their revenge but reality is that they really have to pay for it. You will remember the computer expert who managed to lock a big portion of the computer system of the San Francisco city and who still sits in prison while refusing to give out the password. Apparently he did this is response to a bad appraisal that he got of his performance at work. No doubt he got his revenge, but what cost?


First of all let us talk about revenge; it can be described as the way you pay someone back for a wrong that they have committed on you. Sometimes we take our revenge by doing something trivial while other times a revenge is planned for a long time. When revenge is well thought out, then it is not a laughing matter and can cause serious damage. In many cases such revenge could also involve something that is not quite lawful. Many a times we seek revenge when our heart is involved and we will be discussing that aspect of revenge in this article.

Actually as far as revenge goes, it is such a passionate issue that there are many clichés that have been penned about it. Like not getting angry but getting your one back or that revenge works well when planned coolly or about rivals being forgiven only when you have had your revenge.

It has often been observed that women tend to seek revenge against men making it seem as though men are the wrongdoers and women on the receiving end of such injustice. But that is something that would be wrong to assume.

Let us take a look at the many approaches to revenge: There have been many ways that people take their vengeance. This ranges from throwing eggs at a car or wrapping their home with toilet paper, but these seem more like pranks and cannot assuage a heart that is hurt. Some people take their revenge by changing passwords, recording an awful message on someone’s answering machine or putting out awful images and remarks about someone out in the Internet. People have gone so far as to put out ads etc to wreak their vengeance on people they want to avenge.

Other more severe forms of revenge take the form of destroying people’s homes, vehicles and also painting harsh messages on their property. Sometimes people tend to hone in on to something that they know other loves and holds dear.

The negative aspect about wanting revenge is that people tend to go all out and good sense simply vanishes. This while satisfying for a while, will cost you a lot.
Here is how the best way of getting revenge: Most of us look for a revenge that will have an effect and make us feel good. There is one way to go in this case and that is by forgiving the person, living really well and making a success of yourself. Granted, this method of revenge does not provide instant gratification but it also does the least harm.

Even if you pull off the revenge that you want to, at best the feeling of satisfaction will not really last. Plus by doing something awful, you are in essence letting them know how badly they hurt you. Now that we know that being spiteful in your revenge is only good for a while and definitely not the ideal way to go. So what you need to do is move on and start healing.
Forgive and find peace by letting things go: The first step in being able to move on is to forgive the person who has wronged you. It is not easy to do this, but it is vital to do this so that you can actually leave it behind and move on. It is not as simple as deciding to do it to get it done. To do this well you need to keep positively reaffirming what you want to do and why you want to do it.

Once you have done this, the next step is to have a nice life without all the baggage of negative emotions bogging you down. You need to be happy and successful at what you do. To do this become the owner of your own happiness.

There are many examples out there both in your life as well as the lives of other people you know, where holding on to grudges has spoiled things and moving on has helped them. Basically it all boils down to whether you want to hold on to a grudge, feed it and watch it ruin your life by not forgiving and wanting revenge or going the other way. Which would involve grieving, forgiving and moving on to have a good life. This way you will be ruler of your life which is the way it should always be.

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