The Natural Stages a Relationship Goes Through

You may have had this experience personally or heard your friends talking about the high they experience in the beginning of the relationship. This is the high of the infatuation stage where everything is charming and lovable. While all of us would hold on to the magic and high of the initial stage of the

The Key Benefits of Attentive Listening

We spend a lot of our time interacting with others and this can be both good and bad. The reason it is good is that interaction is the way we express what we feel and what we want others to know. It is bad in the sense that it can be adouble-edged sword and can

List of 10 Extinct Animals in the Last 100 Years

You have heard of animals that used to exist in the past that no longer walk the surface of the earth. But we often do not take these stories to heart since,in most instances, the stories are about animals like dinosaurs that have been extinct for a long time now. And when you watch movies

The Pros and Cons of Solar Energy

They say that the planet we live on is not ours but rather the legacy we get from our ancestors and on loan from our future generations. It is true; we have to treat the planet with care and ensure that we leave it in a good state. Which is why, this article is going

30 Best World Environment Day Slogans

Before we even move on to the subject of the best world environment day slogans, we want to clarify that the environment should be nurtured on a daily basis and not just on a special day. While celebrating the world environment day is a good way to make people aware of how important it is,